Citytv Orders a Second Season of Shaftesbury Films’ Murdoch Mysteries

From a media release:

Shaftesbury Films is thrilled to announce its one-hour drama series Murdoch Mysteries has been renewed for a second season by Citytv. Starring Yannick Bisson as Detective William Murdoch, this Victorian era crime investigation series increased its audience by 70 per cent* throughout the first season; a testament to its growing popularity with viewers.
“The audience for the first season of Murdoch Mysteries just kept growing week by week. It is hugely gratifying to reach such a large audience for Citytv,” said Christina Jennings, Chairman and CEO, Shaftesbury Films.  “The success in Canada has been mirrored both in the UK and internationally through the sales efforts of Granada International.  We are delighted to have the series renewed by Citytv and the rest of our partners.”
Based on Maureen Jennings’s critically acclaimed Detective Murdoch Mystery novels, Murdoch Mysteries is set in 1895 Toronto, and explores the intriguing world of William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), a handsome young detective using radical forensic techniques to solve some of the city’s most gruesome murders. Murdoch’s small circle of confidantes includes pathologist Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy), a staunch ally who shares the detective’s fascination with forensic science, and Constable George Crabtree (Jonny Harris), Murdoch’s eager but inexperienced right-hand man. Though his unconventional approach elicits skepticism from his boss, Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig), Murdoch is often the only one who can crack the case.


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  1. I am *very* excited to here this news! My sister and I just love this show and have actually stopped watching the American show Lost in favour of Murdoch Mysteries. I can’t wait for next season!

  2. i really enjoy this show, and was very happy to see that there are going to be more! any plans to re-air the series from the beginning? i wouldn’t mind seeing repeats!

  3. Gee, a successful Canadian series that doesn’t have to scream Canada and it’s popular. Good stories, good production values, good casting – whats not to like? This series deserves more promotion, money and eyeballs. Hope season II builds on the first.

  4. Yay! So glad to read this. “Murdoch Mysteries” is my favourite Canadian show. (It even beats out “Corner Gas”!) Now I just need to find the books and my fanaticism will be complete. :-]

  5. City has listed the show starting with the first episode on Saturday night at 8:00.
    I assume they are re-running the first season at that time. But check their schedule

  6. I am so glad Murdoch Mysteries is being renewed. When it was not on the TV on Thursday, I was worried it was finished. The series out does the book

  7. My husband and I love this show and feel that it is the best thing on television right now. We are delighted that the series has been renewed and can hardly wait for the first new episode next fall. We would choose this show over anything American TV has to offer.

  8. I’m sorry, Iden Ford, I was just kidding. A (bad ?) joke that I thought Diane would like referencing another thread. I probably should have just emailed it to her.

    I like the show but don’t want to audition for it though I do appreciate the genuine intent to help.

  9. I did like it! But I didn’t see it until Iden had already responded and then had second thoughts: maybe CG ending is causing you to panic a little :) But I’m sure someone else will truly want that info and I would just get snippy again if they asked me, so I bet Iden’s comment will genuinely help someone else.

  10. Okay, that’s great and thanks for the clarification. Given the mixed reviews the show got from the start, it is gratifying that audiences gave it a chance. It really is a great series and the new season, from what I have seen of the outlines, promises to terrific.

  11. Yahoo is right. Both husband and I love this show and were worried it was off the network. Really enjoy the Victorian sets, female coroner and fledgling CSI type forensics. Are we going to see a real kiss next season between Murdoch and the doctor? Great to watch Murdoch slowly convert his co-workers to the science of his methods. Thanks for giving us an excellent Canadian production. One complaint–we can’t read the opening credits in the small font provided and didn’t know who the stars were–not what you want for future productions.

  12. Yes I agree with you about the small font, I hope that will change, otherwise the intro is great. I will pass along your feedback.

  13. In the novels, Murdoch does lose his virginity by the middle of the series. I am not sure about his television virginity but I know he will become more interested in the opposite sex. He was grieving the death of his fiancee in the first season, and that was very much like the Murdoch of the first three books.
    BTW, Maureen (Jennings) was nominated for two Arthur Ellis Awards this past week. One for the best novel category for A Journeyman to Grief, and one for a short story entitled “Wreckwood” which she wrote after visiting Nova Scotia. Murdoch is from Nova Scotia and so she decided to set a story there where he was a young boy. It’s a great story and appears in an anthology entitled Blood on The Holly. The Arthur Ellis Awards are given out by The Crime Writers of Canada for outstanding work in the mystery field.

  14. Bravo!!!!
    With out a doubt the best new series on TV this year.
    It is truly a great thing to see Canadian productions of this quality return for additional seasons.

  15. Well. I can honestly say I love the series, without the fanfare of modern technology.

    For me personally, not to interested in the romantic side between Murdoch and Helene. I like the friendship they do share. Lets just keep it that way for now, and have a deeper friendship.

    Jonny Harris and Thomas Craig round out the compliment.

    I like the variety of the guests when they do appear every now and then. Gives it that little pizazz.

    I thought for sure when I didn’t see the show last Thursday it was the end. So it is indeed great news.

    After all Murdoch is a different kind of series, which is much needed for a change of pace. It is well written, and well thought out.

    I do have a tendancy to get bored easily, well, Murdoch Mysteries keeps me on my toes, and it is so thought provoking.


  16. I absolutely love this series! I can hardly wait for the next season. I want the 1st season onDVDs and am wondering if it will be available.

    I am very proud of this Canadian/UK series! It’s very gratifying to see that crime dramas can be great without needing the excessive amounts of crass violence and language so easily found in too many of today’s crime shows.

  17. Yay! My husband and I love this character Murdoch and the developing relationship with the doctor

  18. I noticed that the show is not on right now.

    Will there be re-runs until season two starts.

    and I forgot to mention the author is a great writer as well.

    The relationship between Murdoch and the Doc kind of neat.

    Nice to see Canada take the lead.

    PS my wife still like Yannick, from Sue Thomas FBI.. but like she said I am the best.

  19. Will, Citytv is currently airing reruns on Saturday evenings. At least in the Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton markets. This Saturday (tonight), they’re rerunning the 4th episode (the one with Arthur Conan Doyle).

    In the Winnipeg market, it still appears to be airing on Sunday evenings,
    but they’re a week or two behind the others. The Doyle episode will air there on June 1st.

  20. Brilliant Show .. Finally, homegrown Telly that is World Class !

    Can’t wait for Season 2 !

  21. I love murder mysteries. It’s nice to see a Canadian version I usually watch english murder mysteries which I enjoy also.

    On tonights episode “homosexual wedding” I noticed another “mistake” in our Canadian history. To tell the truth I can’t remember the other time I noticed it but commented on it to my son. This time it was when Murdoch mentioned to the person he was talking to that she had been wanted in London, Windsor and Cambridge. He should have said instead of Cambridge Galt, Hespeler or Preston. Those three cities amalgamated Jan. 1, 1973. So in Murdoch’s time there wasn’t a Cambridge. I know it’s only a little thing, but I noticed it.
    I’ll still watch of course.

  22. Love, love, love this show!!!!!!! The best mystery show on television. I still watch shows like Murder she wrote, A touch of Frost, and Midsummer murders, –this show is as good as any of them–and its Canadian!!! I can’t wait for the second season–until then I am reading The Murdoch Mysteries books– !!!

  23. Canada per capita:
    It has a great many acclaimed singers, thought highly, around the world.
    Canadian actors abound, around the world, particularly Hollywood.
    Canadians comedians make the world laugh!
    Canada is becoming of age (about time); we have lived in the shadow of America; this has affected our very being as a nation, we have always looked for approval.
    Murdoch mysteries has smashed out of the Canadian shell; Brilliant; I was only able to see a handful of shows, viewed with a few others and they also became enthusiastic supporters.
    A refreshing thought, is that its not purporting to be an American setting.
    Stargate Atlantis is another great show; that is not all American but enjoys many Canadians in the cast as Canadians and others like Polish, Scottish etc.
    Canadians writers and their writings, as Canadians, has been long over-due.
    The Border and the Guard are written in the American format, Sex, guns and violence (cheap knock offs); being ex-military, it is hard for me to view both the Border and the Guard (knowing how far from the truth the scenarios these episodes portray. However Murdoch Mysteries and Stargate Atlantis are exceptional great Canadian content.
    It was to be expected, since the quality of Canadian actors, singers, comedians are exceptional; finally Canadian writers. writing as Canadians (just took a little while longer). We are believing in ourselves and the writing shows with that quality; quality, like in everything we have always done
    Thank you

  24. Great news – such a good show! Unlike anything else on mainstream TV
    Does anyone know when the 2nd season will begin airing?

  25. I am a faithful viewer of Murdoch Mysteries and can’t wait for season two. I love it. I have one complaint though; please tell the producers to turn down the music during periods of dialogue. I can’t hear what they are saying with the music so loud. Thanks very much.

  26. When will the 2nd season begin. We are waiting. My husband and I really like watching it together! There is not a lot of shows we watch togehter! Thanks for the well staged production.

  27. This will probably induce some consternation and/or frustration, but it appears that Season 2 of Murdoch will be airing in the UK ahead of Canada. The UK channel Alibi (formerly UKTV Drama, which is a production partner for the show) will be kicking off Season 2 with two back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, February 10th.

  28. I actually enjoy this show! The one thing I would do in the upcoming shows and seasons is make make the crimes more intricate. Make the the murders more difficult to solve. The first season explained the show, make the second and possibly third seasons into intellectually difficult dramatic crime thrillers.

  29. How refreshing to have not just a Canadian production this successful, but to actually have to think about what’s going on. Obviously made for an intelligent audience, it’s interesting and challenging to try to solve gruesome murders without the forensics available on the glitsy cop shows. We REALLY hope Murdoch gets the girl!!!

  30. If Murdoch starts chasing this new “skirt” and the writers abandon the sexual tension between Murdoch and Julia, I predict that a number of die-hard fans will be extremely displeased. By all means play around with the competition between the two ladies, but using the current story line to push the doctor out of the picture would be an odious development.

  31. I totally agree with Fritz. If the detective and the doctor are not back together, or at least well on their way, by the end of the season, I will not be watching anymore. The words popular and Canadian content do not often go together in TV, so it would be unwise to “screw” with something so good

  32. I have been a fan of the Murdoch Mysteries until the episode, “Let Us Ask the Maiden” aired on May 13, 2009. This episode was offensive and without any redeeming programming qualities. I watched the full episode in the hope that the even handed approach brought to many subjects by the Murdoch Mysteries, including Catholics and abortion, would prevail over the racist and biased views prevalent in this episode [“Let Us Ask the Maiden”]. Unfortunately, with every wasted minute watching this program, the anti semitism as well as the inflammatory accusations and assumptions about English Jews, Immigrant Jews, Orthodox Jews and Jews in general, increased and multiplied. I am disappointed, angry and incensed by your inability to screen, to select, and to monitor the content of a show that has gone out of its way to cover many subjects with some care and delicacy. This particular episode was despicable and without merit. “Let Us Ask the Maiden” is the reason that I will not be watching Murdoch Mysteries any longer.

  33. I have long been a fan of British Cinema and PBS Masterpiece Theater and now I can add Murdoch Mysteries – what an absolute Canadian delight!!! I particularly enjoy the language and the sensitive portrayals Thank you

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