Robson Arms Season 3 Launches on Monday Nights on CTV

From the Robson Arms newsletter:

The paint may be peeling, the taps leaking and there may be an unpleasant smell here and there, but there’s never been a better time to move into Robson Arms. Season 3 of the CTV Original Series returns Mondays at 9:30 pm ET/PT beginning April 28 following Dancing With the Stars (visit to confirm local broadcast times).

This week’s episode will be broadcast commercial-free, starting at approximately 9:35pm on Monday, April 28th.

Don’t Miss the Robson Arms Marathon on Bravo

Revisit Robson Arms’ Season 1 and 2 in a two-day, 26-episode marathon on Bravo! Beginning Saturday April 26 Season 1 will air from 11pm – 5:30am ET followed by Season 2 on Sunday April 27 from 10am – 4:30pm ET. A re-broadcast of the first Season 3 sneak preview episode, “Gila Monster,” will air at 4:30pm ET immediately after the Season 2 marathon on Bravo!