In the news: Chris Haddock’s new job plan

From Stephen Hunt of the Calgary Herald:

  • CBC’s Intelligence creator looking south
    “Since his critically acclaimed CBC series Intelligence was cancelled in March, Vancouver’s Chris Haddock could use new employment. And he’s got at least one dream job in his sights: running the same network that cancelled his show.” Read more.

Intelligence 8508

Intelligence creator Chris Haddock on set with Matt Frewer as agent Ted Altman.

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2 thoughts on “In the news: Chris Haddock’s new job plan”

  1. The entire film & television community would support & cheer as Haddock kicked Stursberg’s talentless sorry ass back to Horton’s where he surely belongs

  2. Chris, I am offering up my services as your Personal Assistant at the Ceeb…. Imagine that, A REAL TV Guy running it, think of the possibilities!

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