In the news: Rent-a-Goalie interview

From me at Blogcritics, based on the Blogtalkradio interview:

  • Rent-a-Goalie Is As Heart-Filled As It Is Fart-Filled
    “Rent-a-Goalie, which just finished production on a third season set to air in the fall, is an ensemble comedy centred around Cake, a recovered-from-every-imaginable-addiction hockey nut who runs his replacement goalie service out of Cafe Primo in Toronto’s Little Italy. Cake lives by The Code, his personal philosophy on life that keeps him out of trouble. Almost.” Read more.


One thought on “In the news: Rent-a-Goalie interview”

  1. My good friend out of Ottawa actually introduced me to this show last January when I was over her house for a weekend visit. I couldn’t believe that underneath all of the “manly” cast-iron written scripts that there was a soft spot not only with Cake, but you see it especially when you compare him with O’Malley. I couldn’t believe that there was actually a code of ethics when it comes to hockey (which I actually investigated: It’s not 100% accurate, but at least 80%), but seeing it on the screen like that (one moment they’re hurling fists @ each other in the rink, then the next moment going out for a beer and giggles) makes one wonder if the world were a much better place if all confrontations could be conducted in such a manner. That way scrimmages up to total wars could be averted. That would be something…

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