26 thoughts on “In the news: Whistler cancelled”

  1. Why was whistler cancelled?? it was such a good show… way better then “One Tree Hill”.

  2. I loved Whistler. It was the one show that caught my eye as a teen that wasn’t filmed in Orange County, or places like that. It was different, and ill always miss it:(

  3. I am SO disappointed Whistler has been cancelled. I thought it was one of the best shows produced in recent years.

  4. NO ! This was the only show I was actually waiting every afternoon to come ! It was awesome . Finally something that wasn’t about some spoilled girls somewhere on the beach doing everyday the same damn thing : tanning –‘ . Come on , why would they want to cancel such an amazing prograam ? . . i’m so saad

  5. I love Whistler and I cannot believe it was cancelled, it was a really good show with lots of surprises. I still watch re-runs, and will continue doing so because they are that good, I really hope it gets picked back up, what else are the actors going to do? haha, plus we’re getting close to the 2010 olympics!

  6. Canceled. That sucks. One of the few Canadian made programs worth watching. There was a time when the viewer actually meant something.

  7. omg! NOOO….best Canadian show I’ve ever watched! So many twists and turns…how could they take away the only show that doesn’t involve spoiled rich girls who just think about tanning and fashion… this show had something more realistic for once! well, guess its time for reruns lol!

  8. Hey, I realy enjoyed this show, shown on the satelite channel “Trouble” in the UK, its why I bought my most expensive holiday to date, travelling to Whistler Mountain for 10 days skiing in march 2009. Imagine my dissapointment when I find out from the owner of Citta bar, easily visible in the background of many shots, that the show was cancelled, and worse, that it was actually shot just north of Vancouver, and not in the resort itself! Didn’t ruin the holiday though, Canadians are the friendliest dudes on the planet. And I will be returning in 2010, despite the drain on my savings!

  9. they should read these comments and consider that. I never really watched Canadian TV until now. I just watched both seasons on CTV.com, thinking there were more coming, and the season 2 finale was intense and now there isn’t going to be more? That’s kinda sad…they shouldnt play it on there as if there’s another season coming…

  10. I want to bring whistler back, i love it i love it, lets get a petition going

  11. Très bonne série, bande de boulet de l’avoir annulé pour une fois que les cariboux du grand nord sorte un truc bien !!!!! loll dsl les canadien =) bon baisé de la france /cheer

  12. Absolument d’accord avec toi Sébastien ( mis-a-part “les caribou du grand nord” haha) mais c’était la seule
    série canadienne que j’écoutais parce que ce que fait le canada niveau série , pas très fort. Bref ça serais bien qu’il continu, en plus ça fini en queue de poisson , ils ont pas le choix de continuer!

  13. oh come on that show was one of the only canadian shows!!!! and it rocked y was it canceled i vote we should bring it back.

  14. Oh it sucks i was so hoping for more whistler i watched it online here in aus and i love it… i want to buy it as well.. but its not for sale here so EBAY it will have to be.. its my favorite tv show ever its even better the “Weeds”
    Please Please Please bring it back

  15. sucks that it is cancelled i loved the last two episodes.. even tho i watched them online i wish i can buy the seasons….bring it back on

  16. oh no! I’m from germany and i only saw two episodes on tv, but I loved it so. I got the season one to christmas, because in Germany only the first season is released. But in a few weeks I will buy the second one. I can’t believe it’s cancelled. I watched O.C. before and it really sucks that everything is so unrealistic.
    Whistler was kind of different and that was amazing!

  17. How could they cancel this show! I looked forward to watching it every Saturday night, and so wanted to see what would happen. Best drama on TV. I am so sad.

  18. Hey this Show was such amazing it was something new then we see all the time in the TV. The snow and the country was really good …

    Just to sad That everything was cancelled ….

    Got damn

  19. I had only just found Whistler this winter and couldn’t stop watching them until I got to the end of season 2 it’s SO VERY GOOD!! If anyone finds a petition to bring it back, please post it. God, I’m am so sad that it’s cancelled.

  20. That’s so disappointing there won’t be a season 3! It’s a great show that kept me hooked and I’m usually not into the genre. The series struck me as different for its maturity and its ability to address many intricate aspects of the human experience. Lots of twists and turns for the action combined with a talented cast. Any facebook groups\petitions out there calling for a Season 3?! The producers are making a HUGE mistake cutting this so early…

  21. Would one of you be able to fill me in on what happened in the last 2 episodes of season 2? I’m not

    living in Canada and thereby can’t stream the episodes on CTV plus all the other online

    streaming sites only have up to episode 11 season 2 uploaded!

  22. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! im going to cut myself and have a beatie and a sad, i love whistler so much tv will never touch me that way again :(((( thats a big sad face

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