Survivorman Kids Casting for the Courageous

From a media release:

In the tradition of the hit series Survivorman, Les Stroud, 9 Story Entertainment and YTV are hunting for six brave souls for the new series Survivorman Kids. With Les as their mentor, the kids will be taken into the wilderness and presented with different survival challenges, testing their skill, wit and determination.

Applicants that have what it takes to survive like expert Survivorman Les Stroud, who are between the ages of 13 – 17, are being asked to apply now at The series will be filmed in Ontario and is scheduled to shoot this summer. Previous camping experience is not required.

Application deadline is Friday, May 16.

No video games, no internet, no food court…no kidding. THIS IS REAL.

Les Stroud, the “Survivorman”
Best known as star of the highly-acclaimed international hit TV series Survivorman, Les Stroud continues to forge new pathways as a prolific, creative force. In the year 2000 Stroud took a few small cameras out into the wilderness and spent a week surviving alone without food, water, equipment or camera crew. He single-handedly created, produced, wrote, filmed, hosted, edited and wrote the theme music for these first two original, one-hour pilots for what would eventually become the series Survivorman.


11 thoughts on “Survivorman Kids Casting for the Courageous”

  1. I just applied today and they will inform me by the end of the week or something like that, i’m only 13 and really excited i hope i make it!!!!!!

  2. WTF!?! why 13-17 thats stupid. Putting young kids at risk, waivers must be signed or something. I am 18 fit and grew up in the country, id be up to this challenge but its b/s about the age limit. i don’t know if i would be able to apply because i live in the U.S.A.

  3. i want to apply but it wont let me! i am 14 and an avid outdoors woman. i grew up in the country and have taken survival cources, and i would like to use my skills!!!!!!.

  4. My son is 10 years old and thinks his life is so hard. I would love for him to join an activity like this. (televised or not) I think kids should learn surviving in the unknown terrain. All they know is computers and video games. Would they really know what to do without computers? For that matter I would love to do something like this. Let me know if it ever goes after mother/son combos. I’M IN.

  5. man i wont in im 14 and have all was wonto serve in the widernes dyslexya thug hope that dusent maer

  6. but i dont think my mum will let me but hell i got wutit take so i will try to cunvis her to let me

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