Listen now: Durham County, This is Emily Yeung, and the CRTC hearings

Find out why suburbia is evil, letting a preschooler make you sushi is a good idea, and how two TV writers can be backing opposite sides in the CRTC hearings and still fundamentally agree on how the Canadian industry needs to change. Oh, and why trying to connect a three-way phone call in the middle of a broadcast is a bad idea.

  • Durham County is making the move to Global television on Monday, May 19 at 10 pm, and the co-creators, writer Laurie Finstad Knizhnik and director Adrienne Mitchell, are first up on the program. [0:02]
  • Mark Bishop, executive producer of popular kids’ show This is Emily Yeung, chats about that show’s DVD release as well as This is Daniel Cook, The Adrenaline Project, and more [0:30]
  • TV writers Jim Henshaw and Denis McGrath debate the recent CRTC hearings [0:45]

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