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From a media release:

Auditions Begin May 17 in Halifax

Leading Toronto-based producer and distributor Tricon Films & Television and Corus Entertainment‘s YTV are pleased to announce that Adamo Ruggiero (Degrassi: The Next Generation) will be the host of The Next Star premiering Friday, July 18 at 6 p.m. ET/PT. Joining him in the search for Canada’s fresh, young talents are musician Suzie McNeil (Rockstar: INXS), songwriter Christopher Ward and music marketing exec Steve Cranwell, who will mentor the performers throughout the series.

The Next Star auditions begin in Halifax on Saturday, May 17 at the World Trade and Convention Centre. More auditions will take place in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Calgary. Hopefuls can visit for more information on the audition process, rules and regulations.

A Mississauga, Ontario native, Ruggiero is best known for his role as Marco on the hit TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation. As host, Ruggiero will walk viewers through the audition process as The Next Star hits the road, providing support and direction to the six aspiring participants.

“We are thrilled to have Adamo Ruggiero as host of The Next Star,” said Executive Producer Andrea Gorfolova. “Adamo is a national role model and his talent and energy make him a perfect choice. His inspiration will surely capture the spirit of The Next Star.”

“I’ve been performing for most of my life and I look forward to my role as host on The Next Star,” said Ruggiero. “It will be a pleasure to help this talented group of performers prepare for the sometimes tough entertainment industry experience.”

Each participant will have personal mentoring from industry insiders. Susie McNeil, the last woman standing on CBS’s Rockstar: INXS, has signed on as one of The Next Star professional mentors. McNeil’s single “Believe” was recently selected by Bell Canada as the official song for the 2010 Olympic Games. McNeil has also had songs featured on the popular series The Hills and Oprah’s Big Give.

“Music has been such an integral part of my life, from the moment I was born,” said McNeil. “So the chance to help mentor young kids is a dream for me. I can’t wait to watch these talented young singers grow into stars right before my eyes.”

Christopher Ward, Canada’s first VJ, MuchMusic veteran and writer of Alannah Myles’ hit single “Black Velvet” will also bring his talents to The Next Star mentorship team.

Music industry marketing exec Steven Cranwell, former Senior Vice President of Marketing at Universal Music Canada, will also be giving his expert advice to The Next Star performers.


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  1. I think this is a great idea, people who want to sign out for canadian idol but are too young should be quite excited. I look forward on auditioning in Toronto, On in May 24. See you guys there :)

  2. I have a question.
    Well, Im 11 yrs old and I want to know if i can get an audition some where closer to where i live because i know that the audition are almost over and i didnt have any time to look the next star up and its difficult where i live because i cant get to some of these places so can you make one in ottawa? Im just wondering.

    Singing is my life my love my PASSION! I would just mean the world to me if i could show everybody what i can do. I dont want to be famous or rich but it would be nice if i knew what that would be like. I just want the world to know that im here to sing to everyone!



    Valarie Hartry

  3. i just recently found out about this audition on my television last night and i came here one this website today. i live in halifax and i’m 13 i didnt know that the auditions ended on may 17th is there any way that i could send you a videotape audition for me to audition for a role? if so please contact me at
    thanks this is very much appreciated.

  4. im alex i missed vancouvers audtions and im 9 can you go back in vamcouver again can you i would really like it so much . my friend aishah a little girl audtion and made it to stage 3 but lost and shes 8 or 9 shes in my class she said she was in top twenty. p.s if its possible can i tape me singing thank you

    from alex n
    age 9
    country BC

  5. I tried out for this show. I unfortunatly did not make it, but I was so pleased to meet Adamo. He is my favorite person on Degrassi. He is alot hotter in person. He interviewed me on National Television and gave me a free Nintendo DS and a new came call Imagine Rockstar that hasn’t even made it to the stores yet. Thank you Adamo for this great opportunity to work with you. It has been my pleasure.

  6. ok i have one thing to say…how come for these auditions u gues go a most everywhere but Ottawa…u know it is unfair for other ppl that have great talentand it is sad coz they wont be able to show it!!!adn example me i am diyind to be there atlease for the auditions but i cant since im in Ottawa and it is like impossible for me to go to MTL

  7. I am 14 years old and I would like to know if I can audition by sending a video? I know that the auditions are over but this opportunity would mean the WORLD to me. I know that it will not be easy and I know that I would have to work very hard but I will not let that get in my way. I have been doing live performances since the age of 2 and I believe that even if I do not leave this competition the winner, I will still take a lot from the experience. I can gain so much more confidence and see how I do in such a situation. If there is any way that I can send a video that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
    Chantel Johnston

  8. i love to sing i sing all the time and i live in hamiton i just miss it and i want to now if it going to go on next year if it does that is GREAT!!!!

  9. Okay, I dont want to be mean but all these people that were writting stuff like oh, you should make one alot closer to here because this is where I live, If you really have a talent your parents will take the time and money to drive you, I live 4 hours from the Toronto Auddition and I still made it there, but unfortunetly they were not fair about my peircings and my awesomly coloured hair, and wouldn’t let me go on, but they told me to try out again next year. with out the super funcky hair.

  10. hey,
    my best friend was chosen to be in the top six!
    I am not allowed to give her name out yet, but shes 14 years old and
    shes amazing.

    I even went to the auditions with her.

    So anyways please vote for the 14 year old girl that sings amazingly well
    she deserves to win :)

    Ive known her since i was 8 (6 years now) and I know her better than anyone and when you see her, you will agree that she should win.

  11. hola amigos!!
    =) hi , well my names reneice :] and im 14 years old…will be 15 november 30 :[ (grow up to fast) but! i was sitting down today (july 18th) and i was getting a little bored so i thought i`d watch some T.V. and while i was fliping threw the channels i came across the next star…and i was so hypee to think i wasnt one auditioning! :[ i love to sing! its a gift and i love to sing..i`ve been singing from 7 years old and ive never stopped…[: and i know that ive missed the auditions thats why next year (thats if they do it again nex year..not sure) i will be there bright and early, with the biggest smile ever! and i wont be leaving without a ticket. :] but if someone..ANYONE! can send me more information i will grealty take it in and write back …bye and LOVE YOU ALL.! Take Care :P

  12. hi hi adamo!!
    thank you for putting a whole section on the the tv for me!
    i miss you and sarah so much!!
    if u can call or email me please do!!

    to everyone:hello i’m the little girl named aishah who
    did not make it with the think green shirt if u watched the
    first episode.

  13. i know it’s not your fault(the people who made the next star) if you will please come soon to ottawa singing is my passion and i love singing not to get rich and famous but to get the experience and to achieve my dream i’ve been singing since i was 2 and never ever stopped if you don’t comeby again for auditions can i please send a video tape and please do come be ottawa

    maria shaheen

  14. P.S by the way i’m ready to show the world my talent and i’ve always been thank you sooo much!:)

  15. heyyy im so mad
    because i always miss out on the auditions
    and i love singing
    i mean i know somehow someplace
    im going to sucieed my dream no matter what it takes
    and be a singer
    but i just dont know how to start!

  16. I love the next star but missed the calgary tryouts so i’m going to try out next year. because i don’t care for being rich but or famous i just want to be known because i’ve been singing since i was 3 years old so I think i might have a chance.

  17. I think the people in the next star rock! especially Briar she so awesome i hope she wins!

  18. It would mean the world to me knowing that there would be another chance to try out next year because there aren’t many auditions for singing in Canada, mostly the USA. :( So this would be a great opportunity, unfortunatly i missed this year’s auditions so please have it again next year!!! :) I am twelve and i like to go after any chance i get and i am trying not to sound over-confident but i would be ready to show my talent to the world and would not be disappointed if i did not win. I just want to sing for the world
    ——peace out

  19. hi im jordyn and i would love to know if there will be the next star audition in 2009.olese tell me beacause people tell me i have a great voice and i would love to be the next star. please and thankyou

    peace out:)

  20. ya i love singing but i have never sen anything in Canada like the next star so i would love if it was next year and then it would give me more time to get better so thanks byee:)

  21. Alright. I watched the next star auditions a while back and I saw a very young girl who was auditioning with her sister. Her older sister wnt first and I think got in. And then she went after her sister. ( She must’ve only been about 4) and she sang AMAZING. She sang some opera song or something. I really wanted to show some friends. Does anyone know how i can re watch the auditions?

  22. i wanna audition, but i have 2 questions. 1, when do auditions go in 2009, and does it cost MONEY!, and how much. help??☻

  23. Guess what everyone ill be joining the next star auditions whoa!!!!!!!I cant wait its gonna be awesome.My parents say that i can join.O and email me at,Janine.
    Im 11 years old and im in grade 6 and i live in edmonton so ill be auditioning at calgary!

  24. Hi everyone does anyone know if there will be another auditions next year in 2009??If anyone knows please email me

  25. FOR THOSE OF U WHO DONT KNOW IF THERE WILL BE AN ADUITION NEXT YEAR THERE WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\


  26. well some one please let me know when the next star is haveing auditions cuz i well be there and hopefuly there in helfax ns.. thanks

  27. Who do you hope will win? I hope Amanda will win but they all seem good, except one whom I won’t mention but is only winning because (s)he’s cute. I find that it would be fun to audition but I’m a little embarassed to ask my parents. For next year, I mean. People like my voice (not to be cocky) and it’s sort of country-jazz but are there any songs on the song list that are country-jazz?

  28. People! I don’t mean to be mean but I”m pretty sure that most people are voting for Dunnery because he’s cute. Please, vote for Amanda five times today and tomorrow for Amanda because she has all the qualities plus she’s from my province!!! :] Thanks!

  29. hi i have a nice questin ……………………HOW DO I ENTER THE NEXT STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

  30. Oh my gosh, have you seen the finale? I can’t believe this person won. This person wasn’t very good. Not gonna’ spoil it for youm people who haven’t seen it.

  31. hey guys is there going to be one in 2009?
    if there is where do u go to audition in vancouver
    because i have been looking everywhere and i cant find anything
    that says where you can audition, so if someone could tell me that would be awesome!

    Jaime B
    age:11(will be 12 when they auditions happen next year)

  32. Guys, I’m soooo sorry to bring you guys down! errrrrr.
    I met steve the producer, and he said that, they didn’tget enough funding from this year, they can’t do it. so there is not going to be a next star for 2009. I’m sooooooo sad, because when i first heard of the show it was in the middle of the season, so i didnt get to audition. And i really wanted to audition for 2009 but steve told me that they couldn’t do it, I’m sooooo sorry guys!

  33. i think there should be another series ,, ! like series number 2 cause i didnt know about the first one and i want to try out !


  35. why is the next satr skipping sk. lots of peple i no have alot of talent and that is really not fair !! Bt love the show

  36. Ummmm… Jordin… I know you cause you live down from me lol! I’m auditioning cause im a good singer (i think, well in know) lol! Go SINGING! hope to see you there jordin is it may 24 when they come to Torontao.. i hate toronto cause they get the most auditions soo i like don’t have a chance!

  37. Jordin, I am a 9 year old boy and I want to audition for the next star! I have a question for you: when are the tryouts ? Are there alot of people auditioning in Toronto ???

    Thanks alot,

  38. hey i’m going to the audition in toronto in 2009 i have everything ready buttox the only thing i dont have ready is my song! i cant find the songs list on the internet .please write back

    and i tottaly disagree for who one last seson that person only won because they were cute and they weren’t even that cute anyways so ya anyway help me =p

  39. I am so sad.. I want there to be a season 2. my friends have been getting pumped for me and after hearing this I know I will never have a chance to show my talent.. why did this have to happen… WHY?!? who ever contacted steve ask him again and again and BEG!!!!!!!!! please tristyn! tristyn are you sure he said theres not second season? if so then why is the website still on ytv?? :( :(

  40. can someone reply to me and tell me for SURE!? THANKS

    ♥ ya all! thanks for the… help… buhbye~!

  41. do u know when they will hold auditions in Winnipeg I want to audition and the first episode of season 2 airs October 19

  42. I love Adamo Ruggiero!
    He is my idol. :)
    Degrassi is the best
    and i am loving the
    new season! Also
    “The Next Star” had
    a great season!

  43. Hey everybody! I watched every episode more than once, And I will be auditioning next year (p.s They will be in July, Keep an eye out for more info!!)

    Peace!! <3


    Hey you guyss … umm i know that there will be an audition for 2009 but when does it all start i really want to it,,, but i cant find the audition dates for season 2 ?????? i live in Newfoundland so i will audition in Halifax. But i honestly really dont know when it all starts :( Comment back if you have info on the 2009 auditions in Halifax plzz plzzz plzz

  45. Plz if anyone knows when the auditions for the Next Star season two in Halifax are or the location plz comment backk thxx =) :)

  46. Hey Kalliee, im from newfoundland tooo! Oh yeah my name is devon, where do you live. Please let me know when the auditions are too Thanks <3 LOL



  48. Hi, i’m 13 years old and i really want to know if there will be another season of the next star. I am from Lundar Manitoba, only an hour north from winnipeg and obviously i want to know when the next star is coming to winnipeg in 2009. I think that I have an amazing voice, but that is only my opinion. I am going to cry if there isnt another season of the next star. so get back to me on that please.

    Thank you,

  49. hi
    I was woundering will there be another season of the next star
    for 2009.i really wount to try and my best friend.

  50. This was last year right. Cause i auditioned didnt get in :( but are they doing another one and this time where!!!!!!

  51. I saw your show and I wanted to audition so badly I have been singing in all my schools talent shows over the summer a museum in my town was having a concert they asked me to sing 4 songs. I love to sing old contrey songs. So let me know when the next auditions are!

  52. Hi, My name is Sarah Jarvis, i am 12 yars old and i lovvvvvvvve to sing. I didn’t hear about the next star until my best friend told me she was absolutley in love with Dunnery. Ididn’t watch the next star until the finale. Ivoted for Miranda as many times you can vote for a day and was very upset when she didn’t win. Iwas wondering if you are doing a secon season, if so please contact me about the Halifax auditions at (thats my e-mail address)

  53. heey!
    i heard about the next star thrue my cousin.
    I would love to audtion.
    Ive sung in 3 musicals,been in 2 talent shows 3 years in a row.
    And ive been accepted into a school of pop in los angeles.
    I couldnt make it there cause of money issues:(
    so i was wondering if this date is correct:
    May 31
    i live closest to there.
    Please email me back a response.

  54. ima join & see if i make it in or not .. if i get in the top six , i know i will win .. :) … deedaa . lmαo, .tehee,.
    lmαo wELL ima win everyone if i make it in :)

  55. They have not announced a new season of The Next Star, so no auditions have been announced yet. May 24 was the 2008 Toronto date.

    Keep checking the official website to see if they announce a new season. Any future info will be posted on this site but right now there is no news on future seasons of The Next Star.

  56. hey , okay..
    me brittany and my cousin sharon really wanna audition for 2009’s season of the next star and we know its may 24th in toronto but like what building will it be held in ? possibly you could give an address?

    yea trust me, were worth it :)

  57. i am a 13 year old 14 on january 18 2009.
    i hav been told that i can sing and i waz wondering wht would it take 2 go 2 the next audition and when is the next adution cuz i think i could me the next star.
    and i hav the curage to do anything i put my mind 2 and i luv to perform lots of things in plays so yea thx if u read my message ttyl soon

    sicearly stephen taylor

  58. Hi i am Kim! i am 12 but am turning 13 in less then a month and i want to audition but i would be in Calagary where would i go to audition??? ANd i have an amazing voice and i write songs not that good but i have an amazing voice TRUST ME!! and please can someone write the day the time the place and that way i can go and audition!!! please write a response so that i can go on to ‘The Next Star’ there are alot of people that say i should go on the show so i am trying out for it! PLEASE YAL CAN YAL SEND ME THE ADDRESS FROM CALGARY AND THEN I CAN SIGH UP I WOULD BE SO APPREATIVE FOR THAT…
    XOXOXO- Kim J.

  59. Is there going to be any new aduitions for the nex star? like next year because i really want to try out for it and im 12 and i was hoping that there is another next star for kids to try out for? So can someone tell me thanks,

    love, Madhu

  60. hi, im just wondering were the auditions will be held in toronto, i know its on may 24th but in what building? and in what part of toronto!!!:) <3

  61. I was wondering if anyone knew when the next star auditions were going to be in toronto or where. Or if they were even going to have a season this year. PLEASE REPLY! I really want to try out. thanx :-D

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