In the news: Durham County interview

From Blogcritics, based on the TV, eh? Blogtalkradio interview with co-creators Laurie Finstad Knizhnik and Adrienne Mitchell:

  • Killer Durham County Creeps Onto Global’s Lineup
    “The eerie, atmospheric Durham County she co-created with director Adrienne Mitchell is a six-part series that will air on Global television beginning Monday, May 19 at 10 p.m., and a product of her ‘adolescent resentment’ of suburbia. It’s a world where power lines dominate the grey landscape, and carefully manicured houses and lawns contrast with the turmoil of the families who live there.” Read more.


5 thoughts on “In the news: Durham County interview”

  1. Dear Diane
    I have notice in both your radio blog and your BC blog you have referred to the Director of Durham County to be Adrienne Mitchell solely. I would appreciate it if you would also acknowledge that I directed the mini series, considering I directed 4 out of 6 episodes including the pilot.
    Thank you
    Holly Dale

  2. Thanks for doing so yourself. As I wrote to you privately, I did not mean to exclude you or anyone else involved in Durham County, but I interviewed co-creators Adrienne Mitchell and Laurie Finstad Knizhnik and needed to distinguish their roles, so refered to Adrienne as the director and Laurie as the writer. They credited you in the interview and praised you highly, but like many parts of the live interview, it didn’t make it into my article. It is linked to in this post though.

  3. Holly, you did an amazing job. I love Stephen Cousins lighting, he did the first two Murdoch MOW’s.
    Durham County was dark and compelling as hell. I hope you guys do another one and if you talking to Stephen tell him Maureen (Jennings) and I send our best.
    Good luck with the Global Run and congrats again on a masterpiece of noir.

  4. Holly Dale, director of episodes 1 to 4, as was mentioned in the audio interview was tantamount in creating the mood and style of Durham County along side Steven Cosens and the art direction department. Holly and I worked together at the outset to work on the style and look, and she is an amazing talent and did an incredible job directing episodes one to four ( including the mindblowing pilot) in this series. Her vision and expertise was crucial to making the series as successful as it was and we were very fortunate in having her work with us on this series.

  5. Hopefully you will invite her back if you produce another series. And of course Steven Cosins (correct spelling this time).

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