In the news: CBC’s fall lineup

From Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun:

Heartland Launch08

Photo courtesy CBC. Amber Marshall in Heartland.

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12 thoughts on “In the news: CBC’s fall lineup”

  1. love the show read the books…..but really?

    its really great but they could’ve tried to make it more like the books

    show: book:
    Venture venture
    police horse police horse
    terrified of water unmanagable
    kid drowned tornado/ tires falling on back rescuing kids

    Doesn’t seem close does it?

    still a great show

  2. omg i love it though they didn’t make it exaclty like the books they did a great job and the show has SO much emotion. sure lou doesn’t have blonde hair like in the books or sparten isn’t a bay like in the books the show is still great! some things could of improved to be like the books but some on it’s a tv show and the actors tried their hardest and they fit best in the show. i can’t wait to see the next show on sunday!

  3. I want too watch the show, but my tv doesn’t get it, does anyonme know where I can find an onlie episode?

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