In the news: The ugly side of Top Model

From Natalie Alcoba of the National Post:

  • Top Model walks away: Andrea Muizelaar overcomes anorexia, survives attack on vacation
    “After being crowned Canada’s first ‘Top Model’ on television two summers ago, Andrea Muizelaar uncovered an ugly side of the fashion industry, and walked away. Too frail to even open a door, the anorexic teenager was encouraged to keep up her waif-like physique while she waited to cash in. Instead, she dished out more of her own money to keep the painful dream alive and she continued to keep herself dangerously thin.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: The ugly side of Top Model”

  1. Her season was the only season I watched. What I noticed off the bat that Andrea was the skinniest girl on the show with no personality and was by far the most annoying. However, for some reason they kept letting her through each round. The girl survived on candy, didn’t do so well in any of the competitions but the judges seemed to like her. The only thing I could think of was that she was so skinny that’s why they must have picked her. I never watched a Top Model episode again. The worst girl won because she was skinniest and it was obvious she didn’t have the mental strength to survive her modelling contract. Andrea blaming everyone else and I think she can go cry a river for all I care.

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