Ken Kostick, Mary Jo Eustace return

From a media release:

Canada’s hottest cooking couple is back! Production begins on He Said She Said with Ken & Mary Jo

Put on your oven mitts because Canada’s hottest cooking couple, Ken Kostick and Mary Jo Eustace, are back in the kitchen.

After five years and 600 episodes of What’s For Dinner, the much-loved duo have reunited with an all-new, fresh, funny and delectable half-hour cooking show on W Network called He Said, She Said with Ken & Mary Jo. Produced by Up Front Entertainment in association with W Network, the show premieres Wednesday, July 2 at noon and airs every Wednesday and Friday at noon and
4 p.m.

In He Said, She Said with Ken & Mary Jo, the duo do their usual slicing and dicing of the food (and each other), as they banter on about everything from their relationships to wine to their daily lives. Each episode features Kostick and Eustace making two very different meals using one “star ingredient” that ranges in scope from mushrooms to yogurt to ketchup.

“It’s like a dream come true – or nightmare, depending on how you look at it – to be reunited with the most dependable attractive man I know. Too bad he’s taken and wears more make up than I do,” says Eustace.

“We’re together, we’re divorced, we’re together, we’re divorced. Working with that Man Woman is an emotional roller coaster,” counters Kostick.

During each of the 65 episodes, the pair also prepare one side dish each called the High 5 that uses only five easy ingredients. From time to time, special guests will drop in to spice up the kitchen and keep Kostick and
Eustace on their best behaviour.

Kostick and Eustace can also be heard every day on 103.9 Proud FM in Toronto as the hosts of the morning show What’s for Breakfast?

About Ken Kostick – Through his recent cooking/entertainment show, Countertop to Table Cuisine, along with the cult favourite, What’s for Dinner?, two-time Gemini-nominee Kostick has become a household name across Canada. The author of 14 bestselling cookbooks and a regular on the Shopping Channel, Kostick has successfully sold his Miracle Soup Pot as well as Ken Kostick-branded food products.

About Mary Jo Eustace – Twice nominated for a Gemini for her work on What’s For Dinner? And author of the bestselling cookbook By My Side, Eustace has made her mark in the kitchen. This talented Culinary Institute graduate has also written for the bestselling anthology The Other Woman, marked her musical debut with the release of the CD Bone and Marrow and will soon be
launching a skin-care line. Eustace has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, TLC, Access Hollywood and The Today Show. She also hosted a design pilot produced by A. Smith & Co. Productions (Trading Spaces).

About Up Front Entertainment – Award-winning Up Front Entertainment has been consistently producing high quality programming for a wide variety of national and international broadcasters since 1995. Specializing in documentaries, lifestyle series and information and current affairs programs, Up Front has produced well over 600 television programs, including 30 major series, in locations all over the world. Currently Up Front and W Network are also enjoying working together on the hit series Take This House & Sell It!

About W Network – W Network, the No.1 women’s specialty service in Canada, is watched by over 10 million viewers in an average month. W’s line-up delivers compelling entertainment for women, ranging from blockbuster movies to popular dramas and lifestyle series. Its website, offers in-depth show information featuring expert advice from hosts in addition to a popular games section and a rich online community. W has built a leadership position as “marketing to women experts” through its various research initiatives, including the W Her Report.


36 thoughts on “Ken Kostick, Mary Jo Eustace return”

  1. Enjoy the show. Cooking is fun and easy with MJ and Kenny. Will you support me for being a Canadian living in America fan? Lots of love from the Hungarian Hurricane.

  2. Dear Ken and Mary Jo
    I was watching your show today and was wondering if you could send me the recipe for your delicious Barbeque Rib Sauce, I have always wanted to do my ribs just like yours.. It is wonderful to have you back on the tv. I believe it was show #4008.
    Thanking you
    Marlene Wattam
    ps i am having company this long weekend and I was planning on cooking ribs.

  3. Mary Jo and Ken I have to express my self and let you both know your show is tops the very best the companionship you both carry on as in a real kitchen at home is fantastic,your show has enabled my wife and I experiment with various styles of cooking which we never did our kitchen was a bore ………..Thank you both for showing that couples can make it a fun thing and really enjoy one another in a new loving way……WE get onto the teasing as well like jokes and just a lot of fun we do the kitchen thing once a week and both look forward to trying a new thing each week
    makes a fun loving evening Thank You both so much …And Kenny don’t get jealous but Mary Jo is the cutier of the two of you lol kidding your both great fun people ………..

  4. HI ! Mary Jo & Ken
    Glad to hear your both back together doing another show..loved your show What’s For Dinner.

  5. I am so happy that you are both coming back , I used to love to watch your show.

  6. I love Ken’s Soup Krazy. Where can I get another soup pot and recipe book? I live in the Courtice/Oshawa area.



  9. have to write and tell you that I’m THRILLED that Mary Jo Eustace and Ken Kostick are back in the cooking show business with “He Said, She Said”. These two have become almost a cultish-classique, and let me tell you, cooking show fans have been known to go hunting around the internet for full length “What’s for Dinner” episodes. With the new show, all we have to do is wait for the DVDs! These two characters are priceless; hats off to W-TV for putting them back on the air. Huge fan of Mary Jo’s humour!

  10. Hi, just found Whats for Dinner this summer and LOVE it. I’m a big fan
    from the States – Michigan. These two are priceless – comedy and
    cooking are my two favorites. Not sure if we can get the W Network
    we watch on CBC since we live near Windsor Ont. Hope to see the
    new show someday. Thanks, A Big Fan from the US.

  11. I am from Northern Minnesota and enjoyed watching your program whats for dinner on the CBC channel. Will you be available on the CBC in the future? Good luck on your new show.

  12. I have been watching reruns of what’s for Dinner? this august/08 & was wondering where one can get copies of your episode recipes?
    i.e. episode 4.065 feta fetish pasta (gnocchi).
    Thanks in advance.

  13. He Said She Said is the best ! Mary Jo and Ken, you are so terrific together. I laugh more on your cooking show than when I watch most sitcoms !
    The new format works great, wonderful dishes you both come up with.
    Glad to have you back !

  14. Ur ex is an ass. Glad to see u back in business. U and Ken rock!!! Keep up the good work. Marg.

  15. I really think the both of you are so great! We have a mutual connection that brings back bad memories….but I have enjoyed watching you both for so many years that I put it behind me and still dig your shows!!! Truly entertaining!!!

  16. Hi Mary Jo and Ken

    Your barbecue Ribs looked fabulous but I have a problem with the preparation, I am a Food Safe Freak and heard you say you could not use the same brush again. Then when the ribs were done you used the same sauce that you contaminated with the first brush. It is a well known fact that crosscontamination of any raw food can spell disaster. Is that really the way you teach people to cook.
    Just curious if this a food safe issue? Oh ya, go easy on Kenny! :>)

  17. Does anyone know where (online or otherwise) Ken’s Miracle Soup Pot can be purchased??????
    Please help!!

  18. To the both of you: I faithfully watched “What’s for Dinner”, great recipes, great hosts and great laughs! The “great hosts” part was my favorite obviously. To the both of you, Ken and Mary Jo you rock!! So glad to see you back..cheers Michele

  19. Hi
    I have always love Ken and Mary Jo.
    They totally need to be on Prime Time. Which brings me to my problem. Because of my work schedule, I’m never home to see them, and it’s very upsetting because I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to see them. You guys are totally awesome. I’ve been busy turning new people on to you. One of the best kept secrets in Canada. You Rock!!!

  20. Hi Mary Jo and Ken, love your new show. Fun to watch. I learn a lot each show and alwaays laugh a lot! Ken the bride and groom are adorable.

  21. I have really enjoyed watching “What’s for Dinner” and missed seeing you both on TV. Glad to hear that you are returning with new episodes in July/2009

  22. Hello, will there be re-runs of “What’s for Dinner?” again? I love that show!

    I hope the show comes on again.


  23. I love the cooking show, “whats for dinner”. I’m looking for the recipe

    from april 29, 2009 for the chicken and bread salad.

    Thank you.

  24. hey i love the show…the recipes are awesome ..and the way u two r together is wonderful…just a note i tried to get the web site to get the recipes but i must have the wrong address,,,can u help…

  25. OH MY GOD you get me through the day you guys! I loved your old show.. and was soo excited to see you guys on again! hahaha Mary jo keep an eye on ken.. he may hurt himself HAHAHA but I got to ask you guys look and act married? I need to know lol this has been plaguing me for years! Are you married? You guys would be soo cute!


  26. Dear Ken and Mary Jo,

    We watched your show daily on channel 109 VIVA – and it is now called OWN chasnnel that Oprah Winfrey bought.

    Do you still have a cooking show and please tell us on which channel so we can see in in Eastern Ontario.

    We love you both!

  27. Dear Ken and MaryJo
    I know this little note is late but I want to say I have been watching what’s for Dinner since it first aired then I started watching He said She said both shows are awesome I have followed some of the recipes and wow I could not believe how well I did . Both of you are great , the humour ,the jokes and the come backs with one another I watched it today which is October the 10 2013 , I seen something today on the web of cbc about Mr Kostic , it really shocked me is it true that he passed this aweek or so ago
    Thank you
    Dee Reyonlds
    of Nova scotia
    ps if this is true I send my prayers and thoughts to his family
    and to you Ms Eustace

    1. Unfortunately, it’s true. Mr. Kostic passed away in April 2011 from pancreatitis he was 57. But he will live on through his cookbooks & repeats of the show.

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