In the news: Less Than Kind on Citytv

From Bill Harris of Sun Media:

  • Citytv hopes new show will be kind to network
    “The series Less Than Kind headlined Citytv’s rather understated announcement of its fall lineup this week. It stars Jesse Camacho as a pudgy 15-year-old and features the always interesting Maury Chaykin.” Read more.
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6 thoughts on “In the news: Less Than Kind on Citytv”

  1. this show is GREAT! stop changing time spots as we keep missing it.
    leave on later and stop the bleeping!

    finally a Canadian production that’s actually funny.

  2. LOVE this show – yes, agree a Canadian production that is funny & super entertaining. Laffed out loud many times – need to keep it in the same time/day slot. I also think this may be the best Cdn show ever put on the air. Pls keep it on!!

  3. I love this show also…but I don’t love how CITY has been handling this show. Don’t they know they have a great Canadian comedy on their hands? I have been an avid tivo follower yet they haven’t aired new episodes since January. How do they expect a loyal audience when they themselves are not loyal to the show? I hope some day I will be able to watch the rest of season one, especially since I have read there is a season two. When will that be CITY? After season two? The Bachelor sux! Bring on Less Than Kind!

  4. Being from Winnipeg myself this show must be seen by everyone in Canada. It’s up there with 30 rock. It’s hilarious. Watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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