Listen Now: Zaib Shaikh and Matthew Deslippe on CBC’s Othello

Othello71Zaib Shaikh is known as Amaar on Little Mosque on the Prairie, but for tonight’s adaptation of Othello on CBC, he is co-writer, director, and executive producer. Matthew Deslippe, who was recently seen on Across the River to Motor City, plays Iago and is also an executive producer. Listen now to their thoughts on why Othello is relevant today, Carlo Rota in the title role, their pride in Canadian productions, and even what’s next for Little Mosque on the Prairie:

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One thought on “Listen Now: Zaib Shaikh and Matthew Deslippe on CBC’s Othello”

  1. Matthew Deslippe is one of the best actors we have in this country. His work on Across the River to Motor City was griddy and compelling. I saw Othello and have to say that his performance as Iago was the best I have ever seen on stage or screen. He managed to create a human version of this character while making him completely duplicit and evil.

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