Fresh With Anna Olson in production on second season

From a media release:

Peace Point Entertainment Group, proudly announced today the start of production for the second season of ratings hit Fresh with Anna Olson; 26 x 30 minute episodes (shot in HD, airing in standard) to premiere on Food Network Canada in Spring 2009. Once again the series is being shot at Olson’s home in the Canadian resort area of Niagara. Dozens of international networks showed major interest in Fresh recently when it was introduced at MIP in Cannes as Olson’s previous show Sugar was also a hit internationally in 60 countries. So far four networks have signed and dozens more expected shortly. Those include Latin America MGM Casa Club, Israel Ananey, Poland Canal+ and Australia XYZ Networks (Lifestyle Food Channel).

In each episode, Anna invites viewers not into the typical TV studio kitchen but into the warmth and comfort of her own Niagara region country home. With the clarity, ease and serenity that have made her a household name, Anna guides her viewers through three scrumptious recipes in each episode. Preparing delicious and accessible recipes for special local events, according to her personal mantra, “eat fresh, eat local.”
After the immediate success of season one, Fresh lives up to its title as the new season sees some changes including Anna getting a personal make-over to reflect more of her actual style along with her house getting a facelift including all-new landscaping allowing more episodes to be filmed in her backyard. There’s more of a summer menu including grilling, light appetizers, picnics, High Tea and healthy snack foods
“As Anna continues to be one of Food Network’s biggest Canadian stars,” says Les Tomlin, President & CEO of Peace Point Entertainment Group, “we wanted to focus season two on getting to know more of her personal side and her intriguing neighbours such as farmers to winemakers.”
Discover the bounty and beauty of the Niagara Region as Anna gathers ingredients and becomes inspired by the wealth of fresh produce all around her.  Watch as her delicious dishes are served up at a special local event—whether it’s a country wedding, a gourmet picnic at a Wine Festival, or a romantic evening in her country cottage with her renowned chef husband Michael Olson, Anna’s enthusiasm for new culinary creations is inspiring.
Before opening up her life and home for FRESH, Anna Olson had two previous studio-based hit shows. Sugar, produced by Alliance Atlantis ran for five seasons on Food Network and has been sold to almost 60 countries, including India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Romania and Poland. Olson’s previous show Kitchen Equipped ran for three seasons on the Food Network.
Anna Olson originally hails from Atlanta, Georgia, but considers herself a Canadian gal, as she was raised in Toronto and has lived in Niagara for over 10 years.  She’s the author of four best selling cookbooks with a fifth being released in November called In the Kitchen with Anna: New Ways with the Classics (Whitecap Books). She runs Olson Foods + Bakery in Port Dalhousie and is about to open a new bakery and fine food store “Olson Foods at Ravine” in St. Davids, Ontario, with her husband Michael this summer. 
Executive Producer: Les Tomlin
Supervising Producer: Vallery Hyduk
Director: John Choi (first season of Fresh, Food Jammers)
Producer Sandra Meret (A&E’s History Channel, Discovery International, TLC, HGTV Canada and U.S., CBC, W Network and production houses including Paramount Pictures and Grenada Media)


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  1. Anyone else find she looks kinda weird in this show? Same with the Splenda commercial. something about the way she looks at the camera is creepy in a horror movie kind of way.

    She seemed fine in Sugar….

  2. Yeah..she’s definately a zombie or something…perhaps she’s died and come back as the living dead since Sugar. Fresh must be a play on words…

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