Upcoming series: The Tara Diaries, CMT

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Rising Star Tara Oram Featured in New Series, The Tara Diaries on CMT

She was voted off Canadian Idol in a surprise upset last summer but Tara Oram is not giving up. Viewers at home can follow Tara’s journey to the top in the new CMT series The Tara Diaries, premiering Sunday, July 20 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. With the help of family, friends and her community of fans on MyCMT, Tara is determined to make it, while balancinglife, love and stardom.


This interactive six-week series, produced in Canada by Henry Less Productions in association with CMT, documents the Newfoundland native’s transition from Hare Bay homegirl to Nashville sensation. With every stepcomes an important decision, so Tara turns to her boyfriend, Idol winner Brian Melo, her high-flying manager Ron Kitchener, and her fanbase at MyCMT for advice.

“For the first time, viewers will be invited to participate real-time in an artist’s career decisions. Through online polls the fans will help determine results, like Tara’s final CD cover or video treatment at the end of each episode,” said Ted Ellis, Vice President, Programming, CMT Canada. “This unprecedented experiment will create an instant investment between fan and star.”

“The Tara Diaries is not your standard documentary about the events of a young female country artist with a new record deal. Our goal was to flip the standard, and show the humour that evolves from tense situations, either through animation or scripted comedic shorts. The result is a fun series thanks to Tara’s charm and sense of humour,” said Steve Cochrane, Series Writer and Director.

With determination and the support of some of the best in the music biz, Tara was signed to Open Road Recordings – home of such stars as Doc Walker, Johnny Reid and The Road Hammers.

To help prepare for the premiere of The Tara Diaries, Tara is looking for original songs for her new album and is putting the call out to fans to write, perform and upload their submissions to CMT.ca. Tara and her management will choose their five favourites and then turn it back to the fans to vote online – the song with the most votes may land on Tara’s first CD.

To top it all off, tonight at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT CMT30 hosted by Paul McGuire will have the North American premiere of Tara’s first-ever music video “Fly Girl”, which follows the release of the single on the radio earlier this

The Tara Diaries will also have a strong Web presence with behind-the-scenes extras and personal notes from Tara herself on CMT.ca.


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  1. How wonderful! She was my favorite on Idol. What a great talent. Conrats Tara.

  2. hey there i am so happy to here of the good news all the talent in nfld and now someone is up doing what they love doing best it is so wornderful to turn of your t.v and hear someone from your home town on cmt crazy but i love it congrats tara wish you all the best

  3. I have written a great country song, it hits right to the heart. I’m not a performer but I’d still like to summit my song for Tara to see. Is it still possible? I am watching CMT as I send this reply and hope you might consider my request. Thanks Fran.

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