Guest speaker Chris Haddock at VIFF Film & TV Forum

From the Vancouver International Film Festival’s Film & Television Forum:

TV DAY – Friday, September 26

10:45 – 12:15 PM
Showrunning: The Fusion of Business and Creative (FTV13)

As the key creative executive overseeing production, showrunners need to juggle the conflicting realms of creativity and management. They need to be creative on demand while overseeing hundreds of staff. And time is of the essence. In this session, a showrunner will give expert insights into how to be the most efficient and productive in: protecting creative concerns but respecting the bottom line in budgeting meetings; working with your casting directors to find the perfect actors in weekly casting sessions; keeping writers’ rooms productive and inspired; dealing with censors; and the art of responding to network notes. Sponsored by Global Television, a division of Canwest Media Inc.


Guest Speakers:
Chris Haddock, Creator, Intelligence

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