Survivorman comes to Citytv

From a media release:

Tune in to Citytv as we highlight some of the most fascinating episodes of “Suvivorman”, a true reality show which documents the exciting and sometimes dangerous travels of Canadian adventurer Les Stroud. “Survivorman” premieres Friday, September 12 on Citytv.

Broadcast schedule is as follows:

Citytv Toronto Friday, September 12 at 8pm ET
Citytv Winnipeg Friday, September 12 at 8pm CT
Citytv Calgary Friday, September 12 at 9pm MT
Citytv Edmonton Friday, September 12 at 9pm MT
Citytv Vancouver Friday, September 12 at 8pm PT

After two seasons of risking life and limb visiting some of the most exotic and perilous locations on the planet, Les Stroud has learned a thing or two about survival. Armed with 23 kilograms of camera equipment at all times to chronicle his journeys, Stroud goes face to face with the elements, relying solely on his instincts without food, water or tools. Stroud has 7 days to survive each location and must go it completely alone. Go along for the ride as Citytv highlights some of Stroud’s most shocking missions to date. Watch as he sets up a make-shift home in an abandoned airplane and outwits some extreme locations including Ecuador, the Kalahari, the South Pacific and the Canadian Arctic.

Travel across the world from the comfort of home when “Survivorman” premieres Friday, September 12 on Citytv. Stay tuned for more expeditions when Les Stroud’s “Survivorman” return to OLN later this year.


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  1. the show is good but a drag to watch ever since the comera man make a coment on everything that you cant even hear the survivor guy. he even coments he’s holding a stick? give me a break

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