Jane the Dragon, Grossology, Ruby Gloom, Di-Gata Defenders on DVD

From a media release:

New DVDs Available Tuesday, September 23, 2008, from Nelvana Enterprises

Nelvana Enterprises is pleased to announce the September 23 release of family-friendly DVDs featuring popular characters from Treehouse, YTV and TELETOON. The releases include episodes of the animated TV series Jane and the Dragon, Grossology, Ruby Gloom and Di-Gata Defenders, all available for the first time on DVD in Canada for $19.99 (SRP). Each release includes four episodes, plus a bonus episode and special features.

Follow Jane and her best friend, Dragon, in Jane and the Dragon: A Dragon’s Tail, a story about the power of two friends as they overcome the odds and change the kingdom together.

Experts in everything gross, friends and siblings Ty and Abby Archer are called to action as they confront the world’s grossest villains in Grossology: The Perfect Stink. Fight grossness with the Archers as they take on the likes of the maniacal Lance Boil, the creepy Insectiva and the disgusting Sloppy Joe.

Join the happiest girl in the world, Ruby Gloom, and her offbeat circle of friends in Ruby Gloom: Grounded in Gloomsville. A perfect day in Gloomsville is indeed a gloomy one in this series about the importance of friendship and creativity.

The legendary Di-Gata Defenders star in Di-Gata Defenders: Trouble in Paradise. With the help of powerful Guardian creatures, the young defenders must learn to harness the energy of the Di-Gata stones before evil villains unlock the Megalith and trigger chaos throughout the realm.


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