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This Sunday, Sept. 14, filmmaker John Curtin chats about his upcoming CTV documentary To Hell With Manners! The Decline of Civility. Tune in at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern for the live show or catch the podcast later.

From the media release:

Rudeness Is On The Rise, And It’s About Time We Gave A [BLEEP]!

  • The CTV Original Documentary To Hell with Manners! The Decline of Civility airs September 20 on CTV

Have we lost all respect for our fellow citizens, or should we blame it on our sped up and chaotic lives? In the new CTV Original Documentary To Hell with Manners! The Decline of Civility, award-winning Montreal filmmaker John Curtin travels across North America and the U.K., proving just how disrespectful society has become. With narration by William Shatner, To Hell with Manners! premieres Saturday, September 20 at 7 p.m. ET on CTV (visit to confirm local listings).

From cell phone users chatting in restaurants and theatres to enraged motorists cutting each other off and employees losing it in the office, it seems that we are ruder than ever. Some blame the decline of civility on stress, jungle capitalism and distracting technology, while others see it as a logical result of the revolutionary ’60s, when baby boomers tossed out their parents? stilted etiquette and opted for an “anything goes” approach.

With interviews from manners experts from across North America, Curtin exposes the darker side of how we sometimes interact. As Professor P.M. Forni of the Civility Project at John Hopkins University explains, good manners and civility are not about which fork to choose when eating a salad, but rather how we treat one another in everyday life. “And what could be more important than that?” he says.

While Curtin documents a visibly pregnant woman left standing on the subway and a total stranger berated by anonymous comments on the Internet, he also introduces us to those who have taken on the task of improving manners and provide solutions on how we can get nice again.

To Hell with Manners! is written and directed by Gemini Award-winning producer John Curtin, and is produced and developed by Kaos Productions Inc. in association with CTV. Bob Culbert is Vice-President of CTV Documentaries. Robert Hurst is President of CTV News and Current Affairs. Susanne Boyce is President, Content, Creative and Channels, CTV Inc.


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  1. This is a documentary that I was a part of. The people I got to work with were amazing and friendly.

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