Best Ed website coming soon

From a media release:

marblemedia and 9 Story Go Nuts producing the website for animated series Best Ed

marblemedia Interactive and 9 Story Entertainment announce their partnership today to create an innovative website for the animated children’s series Best Ed (52 x 11 minutes), produced and distributed by 9 Story. Fans can play in the world of best buddies Ed (a dog) and Buddy (a squirrel) when the Best Ed website launches in February 2009.

The website will centre around the world of Swellville, where Ed and Buddy work and play every day, featuring six immersive game-based environments where users can explore the world of Best Ed, targeting ages six to eleven. Six activities are being developed, all of which are inspired by actual episodes from the series – like Crossing Dog where users help Ed get kids across the street to school. Character personality traits are also on display such as Buddy’s love for nuts in the game Golden Acorns. As a bonus for users, the more they play on the site, the more nuts they collect, which can be cashed in to watch additional animated content.

TELETOON (Canada), Cartoon Network EMEA and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) have licensed the interactive component in addition to the television series. This endeavour between marblemedia and 9 Story also involves the financial participation of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.