How To Be Indie in production

From a media release:

YTV Picks Up New Heroic Project

Heroic Film Company is proud to announce that their tween comedy, How to be Indie, has been green lit for production by Corus Entertainment’s YTV. The show will shoot in the fall of 2008 and is set to air on YTV in Fall 2009. International distribution will be handled by DECODE Enterprises.

Created by writer Vera Santamaria and Heroic executive producers John May & Suzanne Bolch, How to be Indie is a comedic live-action series told through the eyes of 13-year-old Indie as she endeavours to balance her immigrant family’s South Asian traditions and her Canadian lifestyle. But even with these struggles, and the challenge of being a teenager, Indie remains undaunted and always manages to win – in her own way.

“How To Be Indie is about that balancing act that every kid fumbles through. Juggling your family life with your peer life until you find that middle ground that’s all your own,” said Vera Santamaria, writer and executive producer.

Vera Santamaria has been involved with many Canadian television programs including writing credits for Little Mosque on The Prairie, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Instant Star, The Latest Buzz, Captain Flamingo and Naturally Sadie.

How to be Indie builds on the kid experience through humour and through shared tween feelings of confusion, embarrassment, passion and joy.

“Everybody will be able to enjoy the universal theme of finding a way to fit in and succeed that doesn’t compromise who you are,” said Suzanne Bolch, partner and executive producer for Heroic Film Company.

“The wit and humour in How to be Indie is going to relate to kids everywhere as it builds on the tween experience, and in particular, the balance of school life and family life,” said Jocelyn Hamilton, VP, Content, Corus Kids. “At YTV, we’re always looking for fresh new content that we know our audience will enjoy – How to be Indie is certainly one of those shows.”


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  1. yep, but i probably shouldn’t reveal the other characters…

    do you guys know about the cast members, and whether shankar is playing indie, or one of the other regulars?

  2. on that site said she was indie lead cast. woo !!! shes so cute
    but how do u no cast members? r u an actor/actress?

  3. isnt she absolutly stunning? sheesha whar id do to look like her!
    well i wish ya the best in becoming famous! whats your name?

  4. Well i just found out who this cutie is, she comes from ottawa i used to dance ballet with her an amazing ballerina,she has a black belt in karate and can kick butt,
    her father has a karate school called orleans martial arts,

    is there any other info you can give us aabout her? pictures or something? wow bellet? and karate? cool but wierd

  6. I actually got to work as background on the show.. its going to be really great and the actors are amazing :)

  7. Hey people if you want to see and know more about her just google her name Melinda Shankar that is where i get my info from use the net

    Danielle your the luckiest – did you guys meet them?

  9. Yes, i have met them.. but as for information about them, just look them up online. :) Yes, I did do this through background agency.


  11. I think this is going to be one hillarious tween comedy oh i can’t wait for it to air

  12. i know the lead is a fantastic actress. she carries the new season of DeGrassi. I think all the actors should have her spunk.

  13. My kid went for a tour on the set of How to be Indie and they think she is the best thing that ever happened to them, they love her and can’t wait for the show to air.

  14. Wow nice article in the Orleans East Star on Melinda Shankar the new and upcoming star from Orleans.

  15. i work background on this show quite often the show is funny. the actors are good the company is amazing they dont treat us like “extras” were treated like the actors its nice. Melinda, Marline, and Dylan are the three leads. Melinda is by far the nicest she strikes up convos with background all the time, Dylan is a hot guy lol

  16. Marline is my brothers best friend. I didnt even know she was into acting until he told me.

  17. the girl in this show was found from my high school no lie they found her cuz she was juliet in romeo and juliet for my schools play

  18. i didnt know she’s dating raymond ablack! they make sucha cuteee couplee

  19. NO melinda shankar, says so and i saw them at a restaurant together! i was to shy to ask for an autograph

  20. i seen them do on duh way home frun skoo they was getin outa a cab he held her hand out and stuff it wuzs so cutz

  21. Hey does anyone know the cute guy in how to be indie….he has curly hair and i believe his name is Varun….???

  22. Hey guys….I heard this cute guy Varun plays AJ or something, does anyone know him?

  23. hey if ne one styll goes on this some wanna tell me who that guy ram is he is sooo f***ing SEXYYYY i wud lovvvee to get to no him…dammmb dat boyz got it goin on (K)

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