Little Mosque on the Prairie returns Oct. 1

From a media release:


The hit comedy series LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE returns to CBC Television for its third season and love is in the air in Mercy. The new 20-episode season debuts on Wednesday, Oct. 1 at 8 p.m. and picks up where last season’s cliffhanger left off: with a marriage proposal.

“Last season’s finale left everyone waiting and wondering with anticipation,” said Kirstine Layfield, CBC-TV’s executive director of network programming. “Audiences can look forward to another year of laughs in Mercy, Saskatchewan.”

The original cast is back for another season of hilarious and occasionally outrageous stories in the ultimate “fish out of water” comedy. This season Yasir (Carlo Rota, 24, Othello) discovers that joining the local gentleman’s lodge could put him at odds with his faith; Sarah (Sheila McCarthy, I Heard The Mermaids Singing, Emily of New Moon) realizes she isn’t as hip as she thinks she is; Amaar (Zaib Shaikh, Metropia, DaVinci’s City Hall) is at a crossroads in his spiritual and personal life; and Rayyan (Sitara Hewitt, The Lookalike) looks to her future with different eyes.

Also returning are Manoj Sood as Baber (Godiva’s, Sue Thomas FBEye); Debra McGrath (This Is Wonderland, Getting Along Famously) as feisty Mayor Popowicz; Arlene Duncan (Puppets Who Kill, Regenesis) as Fatima, the proprietor of Fatima’s Diner; Stephen Lobo (Godiva’s, Painkiller Jane) as J.J., the handsome new man in town; Derek McGrath (Star Trek: Voyager, Ellen) as Reverend Magee, the spiritual leader of Mercy’s Christian community; Neil Crone (Erky-Perky, Stir of Echoes 2 – The Dead Speak) as Fred Tupper, the opinionated local radio host and Aliza Velani as Baber’s teenage daughter, Layla.

LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE takes an unabashedly funny look at the congregants of the Mercy Mosque as they attempt to live in harmony with the residents of their little prairie town and each other. The series reveals that no matter our differences, we are surprisingly similar when it comes to family, love, the generation gap and our attempts to balance our secular and religious lives.

LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE is written by Rob Sheridan, Zarqa Nawaz, Greg Eckler, Miles G. Smith, Jason Belleville, Vera Santamaria and Claire Ross. Directors include Michael Kennedy, Brian Roberts, Jim Allodi and Nawaz, who continues as consulting producer and wrote the episode she directs. Producers are Colin Brunton and Michael Snook. Executive producers are Mary Darling and Clark Donnelly. Co-executive producers are Allan Magee and Rob Sheridan. It is a WestWind Pictures/Little Mosque Productions Inc. in association with CBC Television.