Prank Patrol, Mystery Hunters return to YTV


  • Prank Patrol Premieres Thursday, October 2nd at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT)
  • Mystery Hunters Premieres Saturday, October 4th at 6:30 p.m. (ET/PT)

Apartment 11 Productions announces the return of their Gemini-nominated series Prank Patrol on Thursday, October 2nd at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT) and the return of Mystery Hunters on Saturday, October 4th at 6:30 p.m. (ET/PT) to YTV. Both series are entering their fourth seasons, with Prank Patrol delivering 22 new episodes and Mystery Hunters returning with 13 new episodes.

“We’re excited to be entering our fourth seasons of both Prank Patrol and Mystery Hunters on YTV,” says Jonathan Finkelstein, Executive Producer, Apartment 11 Productions. “We’re thrilled with the popularity and longevity of these shows and that both shows have resonated with tween audiences.”

The reality show Prank Patrol recently received two Gemini Award nominations in the categories of Best Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series, and Best Host (Andre Simoneau) in a Pre-School, Children’s or Youth Program or Series. This season will see Prank Patrol hit its 100th episode, and for the first time the series will shoot on location across Canada, traversing coast-to-coast. Over 800 kids applied on-line for a chance to be on this season of Prank Patrol. Produced by Apartment 11 Productions in association with YTV, Prank Patrol gives kids the opportunity to plan, construct and execute the prank of a lifetime. Every week, the series features a new prankster on a mission to pull one over on their friends, parents, siblings or anyone else they choose.

The new season of Mystery Hunters, a fast-paced series that delves into the world’s greatest myths and mysteries, will feature a Christmas episode as well as episodes shot on location in Ethiopia and South Africa. As a testament to the popularity and growth of the series, a Mystery Hunters book written by cast member David Acer (who plays Doubting Dave) and illustrated by Stephen MacEachern has recently been released by Kids Can Press in Canada and is also being released in the U.S. In October, YTV will launch the online game Mystery Hunters Training School on Filmoption International recently acquired educational rights to the series for Canada.


19 thoughts on “Prank Patrol, Mystery Hunters return to YTV”

  1. dear p.p
    i’m looking for a way to prank my dad you know for all the times he has pranked me. all the time when i was growing up he would scaire me by turning the lights out and jumping out e.c.t. and for the 395 times he would keep doing that so i really got to prank him so hared that he will crall under the bed and never come out. so pleaas help me out on this one.
    amanda faigal

  2. Hi, PrankPatrol my name is Kaitlyn and i would like to prank my Friend Haley for all the times she has pranked me and for all the times she has never believed a word I say. Just for once i would like to get her back for all those years sinse grade 4 and now we are in Grade please pick me to be on your show it has been my dream since the show has came out i have seen every episode and you guys do amazing work .

  3. Hi prankpatrol i would like to prank my little sister she is 10 years old and since we have been growing up she has always scared me and made me kill like spiders and other creepy crawlers for her becuz she knew i was also scared but im not scared any more and i would like to get her back for all the scary moments and i would love to sc are her with a big gigantic spider that she will never forget and ……the thing is ill be trapped and she have to help me …

  4. Hey prank patrol
    I want to prank my 2 younger friends maddie and Meagan and also my dad because he alway gets on my nerve.

  5. Hi Prank Patrol, i want to prank my friend Tyler because he think he know every thing and he is perfect so if you can help me prank my friend it will be awsome. My prank is with mebecoming famise and im bringing him to braod way or somthing.
    Sorry about the spelling :)
    Jeffrey Palmer

  6. omg i realy want to prank best friend because shes always talking about wanting to be on TV. so i want to give her what she wants
    so far the prank Ive planed goes like this
    first i get her perints to keep the secrit then i tell her that her im going to be a modle then to prove to her that i am a modle then one of the other modlrs thet are in the show needed to cansile so she has to reaplase her then some how she gets really imberised… thats all i have …oh burt when we arive we come in a limo please can you help me pole this prank off it would make me so happy.

  7. Prank Patrol can you please help me me prank my friend Skylar but I want her mom to know and my mom because my friend is always busy so if her parents know then this is a good go. My plan is to make to make her think her and me are cursed with bad luck after going to a place that is haunted and then have a whole bunch of things fall and then have like a new outfit (something for the prank) get ruined and ect. Please help me get this to happen because it has always been my dream to pull a master prank.

  8. dear prank patrol we have always wanted to be on this show for years, now it might come true. We want to prank are freind Olivier sivanadian we always play little pranks on him so this is the the way to rap it up and show him that we are the prank masters. Are prank is to make him think he is tarpped inside a virtual reality game for good and there is no hope of getting him out!

    scincerely; haoda fan and nickolas hoover

  9. Dear Prank Patrol,

    I want to prank my little sister Anna because she is always in the way with her gymnastics.So I thought maybe we could say that I got 2 tickets to see this gymnastics show and then everything goes wrong! 1 gymnast can break there leg and Anna to fill in! Oh and you might want my Mom to help. (By taking us there so that Anna thinks its more real) Oh and maybe you could be the aounnercer and when Anna is on floor you could say that shes just been on Prank Patrol.

    Grace Francoeur

  10. hi i want to prank my sister because she wants to always wants to give me wegeys so plees iam stuk help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi, prank patrol
    I absolutely LOVE the show and I am looking for a way to prank my cousin Lexi and her foster brother Mason because we watched the movie “Push” and I want them to think that I am a combination of a “mover”telicinetic, a “watcher”psychic and a “pusher”can make you think what they say is real. I can’t do this on my own and I really want them to fall for this becuase they don’t belive me and this will just show them how convincin I can be. PLEASE help me do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hii Prank Patrol! My name is Baileigh (I’m a girl) and I would like to prank my friend Jordyn (who is also a girl) because all the times she has lead me on. One time, she was pretending to have a sprained ankle, and she got her whole family in on it and I was doing all this stuff like running around and getting her stuff, so I would REALLY like to prank her. I have already made it a little easier, because I have convinced her that I can see dead people. She doesnt really and totally believe it yet, but if I prank her on your show, then I think she will believe it. I really hope you will contact me

    Baileigh ~~<3

  13. Dear PP
    I would like to prank my buddy Taylor because he thinks hes the best and I can scare him easily, but he always likes to scare me when we’re getting changed after gymnastics class. My prank is going to be a Zombie skater that attacks him!!

  14. I would like to prank my sister Ellie because she always seems to get me blamed for her doings!she hates needles the dentist so i thought that my prank could revolve around that PS help me out!!!!!!!!

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