In the news: The Border finds balance

From Bill Harris of Sun Media:

  • ‘Border’ sits on edge
    “Personal admission: When we first saw The Border last season, we feared it might be too smart for a mass audience. ‘It’s a fine line to walk, right?’ said James McGowan, who plays Mike Kessler in The Border. The CBC series returns for its second season tonight on CBC.” Read more.



One thought on “In the news: The Border finds balance”

  1. I think that the problem here, is that some Canadians want our homegrown espionage TV series to be excessively entertainment-oriented like – let’s say – “24”. However, as time went by, “24” did nothing more than piling up unrealistic situations and displaying a lack of depth (and the sixth season was a good proof and I hope that the seventh season will be better).

    With that said, I think that “The Border” is not as boring as one may think. In fact, what I like about it is that it tells stories that are relatively close to our political reality without distorting it too much.

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