In the news: The Tudors, Rick Mercer, 22 Minutes return

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • Henry and Anne start to lose their spark
    “The Tudors (CBC, 9 p.m.) comes back to CBC tonight. The second season of the madcap series about Henry VIII and his many wives already aired on Showtime in the United States, where it is now a major cable hit. The high-octane promotion is hilarious. Among the slogans being used are, ‘This is the untold story!’ ‘Breaking up is hard to do.’ And, deliciously, ‘This time it’s total monarchy!’ Whoa, dude you’re killing me with the anticipation.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: The Tudors, Rick Mercer, 22 Minutes return”

  1. We greatly enjoy ” 22 Minutes ” , but are angry and disappointed with your clumsy spoofs on Fidel Castro . Kicking the vulnerable is unacceptable -and not part of the style of the CBC or of Canadians generally. Castro is old , frail and still the moral leader of Cuba, arguably the country that has worked most consistantly to defend its independance and offer help to other poor countries . Cuba had, for instance, more than 400 medical workers in Haiti before the recent earthquake . Richer places , like Canada and the USA, don’t even approach this level of aid.
    Cuba is also an international leader in sustainable agriculture, education, culture and the protection of its parks and wildlife – all facts usually ignored by CBC – let alone the commercial media and our friends in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
    So… enough!! Keep us laughing at ourselves and those who manipulate or threaten us. The Cubans, including Fidel Castro, have earned our respect and the respect of poor countries everywhere. They value our friendship.

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