In the news: Little Mosque on the Prairie returns tonight

From Rob Salem of the Toronto Star:

  • Carlo Rota returns to 24 and Little Mosque
    “There’s busy, and then there’s Carlo Rota. The TV gourmet/actor has not looked back since his dual success on both sides of the border, as a smug computer whiz on 24 and an exasperated dad in Little Mosque on the Prairie.” Read more.

From Alex Strachan of Canwest News Service:

  • Little Mosque returns
    “Mercy me, Little Mosque on the Prairie is back for a third season of gentle, warm-hearted humour. The denizens of Mercy, Sask., have more-or-less grown accustomed to imam Amaar Rashid (Zaib Shaikh) and the mosque in their midst, and by now viewers have grown accustomed to Little Mosque on the Prairie’s simple charms.” Read more.

From Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun:

  • Little Mosque stars the new Fab Four? Um … okay
    “Honestly, we’re not sure how the Beatles relate to Little Mosque, or vice versa. But the TV and print ads clearly stand out, which probably is the point, right? ‘Yes, it’s very cute — but please don’t go asking me the big questions, like, what the hell does it mean?’ said Carlo Rota, who plays Yasir in Little Mosque.” Read more.