The Ocean Room picked up

From a media release:

Sinking Ship Entertainment is pleased to announce that TVO, ACCESS Alberta and The Knowledge Network have picked-up the second season of the reality pre-school series “The Jungle Room” with a title change to “The Ocean Room” to reflect the theme of season two. Produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment, the series tracks the day-to-day lives of several preschoolers to reveal the true world of childhood. Season two – with 26 eleven-minute episodes – will begin production in spring 2009 for a fall 2009 premiere.

“Our goal at Sinking Ship has always been to reflect authentically the fascinating inner world of kids” says J.J. Johnson, Co-Creator and Producer, “The Ocean Room”. “This program is our closest yet to reveal the true highs and lows, laughs and tears of what it’s like to be a preschooler.”

“’The Ocean Room’ continues the tradition of ‘The Jungle Room’ in helping our young audience prepare for what can be a scary, unknown and mysterious world: kindergarten,” says Patricia Ellingson, TVO’s creative head of Children’s Media Content and Programming. “This series provides a rare opportunity for all of us who care about kids to study and learn directly from them. ‘The Jungle Room’ and ‘The Ocean Room’ are examples of why all Sinking Ship productions are unique in the marketplace. Programs like these are an important part of what makes TVOKids exceptional.

From snack time to playtime, each episode of “The Ocean Room” takes kids and parents at home into the everyday world of preschoolers. This season’s ocean theme will be reflected in a coral reef and shipwreck designed for the classroom. Also, Moxey the monkey puppet from last year will be replaced with a sea creature. A special guest will still appear each episode – from firefighters to magicians – to teach the kids’ something new. In addition, for season two, a new Toronto preschool and group of children will be featured.