In the news: Amber Marshall of Heartland

From Ruth Myles of the Calgary Herald:

  • Heart and Soul
    “One of the old saws about the acting game is that you always list “horseback riding” in the talent section of your resumé whether your patootie has ever hit the back of a nag or not. Amber Marshall, however, is the real deal, which came in handy when she landed the role of Amy on the CBC series Heartland last year. And Marshall rode western to boot, a rarity among the horsey set in London, Ont., where she grew up.” Read more.


8 thoughts on “In the news: Amber Marshall of Heartland”

  1. Amber Marshall is wonderful actress . I like her . She is great work with a horse . She was very well to handle with horse . She is amazing person . I am enjoying to watch her on Heartland .

  2. hello

    amber is not only a fabulous actress, she is also amazing physically, when she smiles she makes crazy, i am totally in love with her since i have discovered her very recently in the fabulous série : HEARLTAND

    She is so pretty and she and graham wardle are so cute together

    in the other side i hate caleb (not kerry james just only his role in the série)

    in fact all in this séries is genius


  3. Amber is FANTASTIC in her role of Heartland!!
    She is great riding and handeling the horses!!!!!!!(i know because i have been horse riding for 5 years)
    I love Graham Wardle!
    Amber and Graham ARE awesome together!!
    Amy’s role realy suits Amber and Ty’s role REALY suits Graham!!!!!
    The only thing that annoys me is Malory.Oh, that and the fact that ‘Amy’ and ‘Ty’ wont just kiss and get together!!
    HEARTLAND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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