Rabbit Fall season two premieres

From a media release:

Rabbit Fall Scores
Canada 2 – Finland 1

Two Canadian broadcasters and now a national broadcaster in Finland are airing Rabbit Fall and it’s just the beginning of the show’s global appeal, says Angel Entertainment, the show’s producers in Saskatoon. Finland’s national public broadcaster, YLE, is the first international network to purchase Rabbit Fall, but other markets are showing a keen interest, says producer Bob Crowe.

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“This show has appeal for the global audiences on two fronts. Its First Nations content and the supernatural elements make it a very attractive package for viewers around the world,” Crowe says.

SPACE launches the second season of Rabbit Fall 10 p.m. ET Tuesday, October 28th, while APTN launches the same night at 10:30 p.m. ET and 10 p.m. on APTN HD.

Shot in and around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the second season of eight episodes features actress Andrea Menard, who returns to her role as Métis cop Tara Wheaton. In the first season Tara joins the police department in the remote northern Canadian town of Rabbit Fall and struggles to believe – or not – in the supernatural forces at work and mysterious crimes that unfold in every episode, says Angel Entertainment producer Wally Start.

“In the second season she is fully committed to the belief that something far deeper is going on in Rabbit Fall. She is focused on her quest and slowly uncovers a dark force that brought her to Rabbit Fall to fulfill her destiny. She starts as the only one in town that can actually “see” things that no one else witnesses, but by the end of the second season the whole town is beginning to feel the effects of a dark past. We realize near the end that Tara may be the only person that can effect change,” says Crowe.

In the second season Tara really embraces her Aboriginal culture and wants to use it to save people,” says producer Jennifer Podemski.

Joining Andrea Menard on the set are Kevin Jubinville (Bob Venton, a sociopath police officer); Peter Kelly Gaudreault (the reclusive Ollie with a passion for supernatural phenomena); Patrick Bird (Simon Blackhorse, the community spiritual leader with a dark side); Booth Savage (Stanton Martinsky, the soft-spoken Sargeant.); and Tinsel Korey (Zoe, the young mortician).