Wild Roses in production

wildroses2From a media release:

‘Wild Roses’ underway in Alberta

Production has begun on one of CBC’s newest dramatic prime time series, Wild Roses. Set in Calgary and a fictional nearby town called Patterson, the series tells a Shakespearean tale of two families, the wealthy McGregors and the debt-ridden Henrys, who clash over land, love and loyalty. Principal photography runs from August 18 – December 16, 2008.

The series stars Sarah Power (pictured – Random Passage, American Pie: Beta House) as Lucy Henry, who is on her way to Europe with her band, when the call to defend Rivercross, her family ranch, sets her on a different course. She struggles mightily with her anxious elder sister Kate (Michelle Harrison – Paycheck, Traveling) who runs their ranching operation. Their widowed mother, Maggie (Kim Huffman – Traders, The Newsroom) helps keep the peace and fights battles of her own while raising spirited teenage daughter Charlotte (Clare Stone – Gemini nomination for Would Be Kings, Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion).

Rivercross is threatened by David McGregor (Gary Hudson – Dynasty, Smallville) whose deceased father left the small, but stunning parcel of land to the Henrys while bequeathing his own massive property, Montrose, to David. As CEO of McGregor Strategic, an oil exploration company, David has many reasons – emotional and practical — for wanting control of Rivercross and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. His sons Will (Steve Byers – Falcon Beach, Shotgun Love Dolls), a lawyer in the oil business, and Peter, a rancher and bull rider, (Adam MacDonald – Mayerthorpe, Nuremburg) are less enamored with his agenda as their friendships run deep with their lifelong neighbors, the Henry girls – deeper than David knows. Only his cunning daughter Rebecca (Amy Lalonde – Sophie, Battlestar Gallactica) buys into her father’s plan, knowing her support will guarantee whatever her avaricious heart desires.

Shot in the thriving boomtown of Calgary high rises and the breathtaking foothills to the west, busy city streets and gorgeous ranchland provide their own dramatic scope.

Created by Amy Cameron (Get a Life, A Night in the Woods), Tassie Cameron (Would be Kings, The Robber Bride) and Miranda de Pencier (Cake, Pu-239), Wild Roses is executive produced by de Pencier of Toronto’s Northwood Productions, Jordy Randall (The Assassination of Jesse James, Heartland), and Tom Cox (Brokeback Mountain, Heartland) of Calgary’s SEVEN24 Films. Also executive producing is Peter Hume (Flash Gordon, Charmed) and Amy Cameron is co-executive producer. Jamie Paul Rock (Playmakers, La Femme Nikita) is producing.


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  1. Best Canadian production I’ve enjoyed for a long time. Great acting, great story, beautiful country. Sorry you killed off Dillan though. He was great. Thanks for great entertainment.

  2. Its to bad they do not do any research . Land owners dont own the oil they dont get paid for the oil. They get about 18000 for a rig on your land. You do not drill with a service rig as shown. Seismic pinpoints exactly where the oil or gas is at you dont drill by guessing if its there. And lets not get into their version of raising cows or ranching or rodeoing . Our national CBC knows less about our country than any film crew from the US. To bad it could have been a good show.

  3. If you re-read the above comments, at the beginning of TV, eh? » Wild Roses in production, don’t you notice that you are arguing the same point but differently (I’m referring to dillanand therefore contradicting the main point and making this a lot less pertinent? I will come back next Wednesday to see how this has evolved.

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