So You Think You Can Dance Canada tour

From a media release:

Canadian Tour Announced for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA

  • Historic, First-Ever SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA Canadian Tour Announced; Kicks off January 30th, 2009 in Vancouver
  • Top 10 dancers featured in 15-city Canadian tour
  • Tickets go on sale the weekend of November 21st, 2008

Tonight it was revealed on CTV that SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA’s Top 10 are taking their moves on the road for an historic, 15-city, Canadian tour. 19 Entertainment, Dick Clark Productions, AEG Live and Donald K. Donald announce the first-ever SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA Tour, which kicks off January 30th, 2009 at GM Place in Vancouver.

The SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA Tour, featuring the Top 10 dancers, will visit some of Canada’s premiere concert venues, including Edmonton’s Rexall Place (Feb. 2), Toronto’s Air Canada Centre (Feb. 13), and Place des Arts in Montreal (Feb. 14). Additional cities on the tour include Kelowna, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Ottawa, Hamilton, London and Kingston.

Fans will need to act fast, or they may miss the opportunity to see their favourite dancers in person. Tickets for the national tour go on sale the weekend of November 21st, 2008. Full details regarding on-sale dates and ticket purchasing are coming soon to

“Before we even crown Canada’s first-ever favourite dancer next month, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA is making history with 19 and Dick Clark’s first-ever Canadian dance tour,” said Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. “As the No. 1 new series of the fall, the tour is an opportunity to give back to the fans who have supported the inaugural season in such overwhelming numbers.”

The SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA Tour 2009 will feature hit routines from the No. 1 new show of the fall season. The national tour includes the following 15 stops:

  • Friday, January 30 – Vancouver, BC at GM Place
  • Saturday, January 31 – Kelowna, BC at Prospera Place
  • Monday, February 2 – Edmonton, AB at Rexall Place
  • Thursday, February 5 – Calgary, AB at Stampede Corral
  • Saturday, February 7 – Saskatoon, SK at Credit Union Centre
  • Sunday, February 8 – Regina, SK at Brandt Centre
  • Monday, February 9 – Winnipeg, MB at MTS Centre
  • Tuesday, February 10 – Thunder Bay, ON at Fort William Gardens
  • Thursday, February 12 – Sudbury, ON at the Sudbury Arena
  • Friday, February 13 – Toronto, ON at Air Canada Centre
  • Saturday, February 14 – Montreal, QC at Place des Arts
  • Sunday, February 15 – Ottawa, ON at Scotiabank Place
  • Tuesday, February 17 – Hamilton, ON at Copps Coliseum
  • Wednesday, February 18 – London, ON at John Labatt Centre
  • Saturday, February 21 – Kingston, ON at K-Rock Centre

77 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada tour”

  1. I am so pissed there not doing a tour date in the atlantic provinces it makes me not want to watch the show the east always get the shaft . there are huge supporters in the atlantic provinces . makes me sick

  2. So typical that Atlantic gets ousted again! Our votes count and our money is as good as anyones! I can’t be bothered tuning in or voting anymore! Shame on you promoters!! Where do I complain???

  3. Since when does Canada only consist of BC, AB, SK, MB, ON and QC….What about NB, NS, PEI and NFL!!! Very Dissapointed, they don’t mind letting us vote for the top dancer though do they! Why Bother!

  4. Unbelievable!! This is our favorite show and we haven’t missed any.
    Now, when they tour, they completely forget us in the Atlantic provinces.
    Don’t know if we want to do a 14 hour ride and pay for a room on TOP of tickets to see you strangers in Montreal. I thought it was called “So You Think You Can Dance Canada tour” because we were part of Canada. They should change their name to “So You Think You Can Dance BC, AB, SK, MB, ON and QC”. From now on, you don’t WANT me to watch & vote, that’s for sure. This was very, very stupid.

  5. So proud of canada’s first So You think you Can dance, amazing dancers. Why can’t we see them in the Atlantic provinces? No moncton, No Halifax. please re-think this decision. We are number one fans!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m a lot older then most of the people who sent an email and I them I watch this every week and I said when the come to Halifax or Moncton, I will be there. I’m very disappointed.

  7. I’m really disappointed that the tour isn’t coming east. The tour goes to small markets like Kelowna, Thunder Bay, Sudbury and Kingston, but can’t come to Halifax?! Come on!

  8. I am so pissed off. I live in one of the maritime provinces and was so upset when I noticed that they were not even going to come here!! Do we not count? We watch the show faithfuly each week and now we cannot even participate in the live tour. Really makes me think of not watching the show anymore.

  9. what about windsor, ontario. there is the caesars casino that can host it. you should really look in to this.

  10. Wow!!! Best show that we enjoy watching, RELIGIOUSLY!!!!
    My son Steven and I never missed a show yet!
    My only comments are that a show such as this, with sooo much talent at hand…… should NEVER be the audience to be the ones to have to have the final say!!!!!!!!
    With a panel of judges, that we are so blessed to have……….I have no clue why us, the people of Canada, have to decide! Most of the population are not judging on the talent that they have!!!!!!
    They are not JUDGES, they do not know the passion, love, drive, dedication, of such young talented humans.The top 10 R all GOLD!
    They certainly have a wonderful future.Fav: Nico and Arasay! P.S. Montreal has soooo much to offer……and it was on live T.V..Vincent, Danny, Francis…!

  11. Will be there at GM Place in Vancouver, 1st night on tour

  12. I CANNOT believe they are not coming to atlantic canada. They had tryouts in Halifax, they could at least make one stop in eastern canada. NOT FAIR!!!! I love this show so much and I vote every week from halifax, ns.

  13. This Is Stupid.. I watch the show over and over i was some excited when they said there was a tour.. I was like” YESSS!! THEY’LL COME TO HALIFAX!” Tonight i went online and i saw this website first i totally agree our votes not count?.. Ali tryed out in halifax.. im suprised !they should go everywere there were try outs!!!And Guess what ctv there were tryouts in every province! This is not fair to us just because NS , NB and P.E.I are small doesnt mean no one votes!!! Woww.. That makes me so mad.. whats the point of watching if they dont care about us .. Were Loyal Viewers the sucess of the show duppends on people wattching maybe atlantic canada should watch any more! I VOTE EVERY WEEK ! YOU KNOW WHAT ..NOT ANYMORE!

  14. I love this show .. but im not watching it anymore! if they dont care about us .. idont care about them!


  15. its suppose to be so you think you can dance CANADA, but yet they aren’t coming to the atlantic provinces? basicly the whole tour is going to be in ONTARIO. so stupid

  16. Very Disappointed there will be no Maritime performance. Thought for sure we would see them in Halifax or Moncton. By the looks of the comments viewers may be tuning in to something else.

  17. I love this show…..what happened to HALIFAX…..I am very disappointed that they will not be coming here. :(

  18. How can they ignore the Maritimes!? We sell out shows of 50,000 and more. Elton John can make a million dollars here but we can not see them dance???

  19. Soooooo…they can hold auditions in Halifax but they don’t bring the tour here????? This is CRAZY!!! They just TOTALLY exclude Atlantic Canada…I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!! I’m sickened!

  20. Well, they’re coming to Montreal and performing twice at Place des Arts. I’m sooooo ANGRY – why not at the Bell Centre, more seats and more opportunity for tickets. I can’t imagine how pissed off I’d be if they weren’t coming to my province – I feel bad for you guys in Atlantic Canada. True, not only is the show called So You Think You Can Dance CANADA but some of the contestants were from the Atlantic provinces. GHHHRRR

  21. U guys should honestly contact SYTYCDC Directly at CTV, I’m pretty sure if they get lots of petitions they will be more than happy to come to Halifax so they would make $$$ and please you all as well. I’d be pissed off too if they wouldn’t come to Vancity, good luck guys!
    Now let’s vote for NICO !!!

  22. Hi !!!
    If anyone has tikets for the Montreal show, 2, or 4 tikets.
    Either the affternoon show, or the evening show,……..PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!
    My son and I love the show and enjoy the passion of music and dance.
    Thank you, and sorry to all in the West…….that wasn’t cool, I would contact CTV and let them have it!

  23. wtf!!!!!!!!!!! why cant they friigin come here, there was an audition in halifax so why not a friggin concert!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I am shocked, 7 “ontario” locations! I realize they believe they are the center of the universe, but, there is a whole lot more to Canada than Ontario. The Maritimes are a big part, and so is Vancouver Island, not to be confused with Vancouver. Are these guys afraid to cross water?

    Who planned this tour! I have been trying find out

  25. Please come to HALIFAX! :)
    i know so many people would buy tickets encluding me!
    i LOVE watching so you think you can dance Canada.
    & i really wanna see it LIVE, so please make one of those 15 stops in HALIFAX!

  26. Someone has to give there head a shake!!! Nothing east of Motreal!!!
    I’ve not missed an episode and have spent more time voting than doing my homework. Thanks you… thank you soooo much “So you think you can book venue’s”

  27. I can’t believe they won’t be touring in the east coast at all. Especially considering one of the finalist is from NS.

    I’m very proud of all our dancers. They are already professionals in my eyes. Our Canadian dancers are one of the best in the world. Amazing talent. Would love to see you guys in Moncton!

    Happy for your success
    Proud of your talent
    Sad I won’t get to see you live


  28. Great Canadian talant….we have a wonderful venue for your show.
    Come to Saint John, New Brunswick!!!

  29. WHY is there no tour dates in Atlantic Canada?? We watched EVERY episode, voted, and now we don’t get to see them live. This sucks. Those dancers have a ton of fans here in the east coast. PLEASE make at least one stop here. We’re part of Canada too. WE love SYTYCD Canada :) Come on…don’t let us down!

  30. omg!! I cant wait i am trying out for this show this year!!! Nervous but Freaken excited!!! :D:D:D

  31. Hate to join the cumulative broken record here, but why on earth are there no Atlantic Canadian locations?! Halifax is the largest city east of Quebec, and one of the largest in the country. It was also an audition city where they found Allie AND Francis.

    I love this show, but I’m really tired of being slighted just because we’re a small province. The Maritimes deserve alot more credit than we get.

    And whoever pointed out that there are ‘7’ locations in Ontario, THANK YOU! It just shows how ridiculous the tour planning was.

    And just to add to that, there’s only ONE location in Quebec. All of the other provinces have several locations, but the ONE province Maritimers might actually be able to go to has an even more limited selection. It’s so stupid!

  32. yeah….I have to agree with the tour locations as being alittle favoured. 7 Ontario cities is alittle nutz. what about Northern BC too? After all Izaak is from Prince George and he made it into the top 6. Closest location on the tour is 9 hrs away from Prince George…

  33. This isnt fair, why arent they coming to Halifax, seeing as one of the top 4 dancers was from halifax! it isnt fair. they are going to 7 places in ontario but they couldnt be bothered to come to any atlantic province?

  34. Canada does actually extend east past Montreal. Organizers should be ashamed. This is not a Canadian tour.

  35. There are only two cities in BC that have shows coming to them and none in the Atlantic…. how does that make any sense? Both BC shows are sold out already and you cannot get tickets, but they are not adding shows here either!

    My daughters and I had planned to get tickets and drive the 5 hours it takes to get to the show, even in the winter months where most of our highways tend to get shut down during that time of year. We had hoped that they would visit our city, but as usual Kelowna gets all of the best concerts and productions, and we, even though we are the hub of BC, get nothing!

    Mute point because we can’t get tickets… but man the east must be really ticked off. So sorry guys, maybe they will see this site and schedule more dates for the Atlantic Provinces as well as a few more in BC.

    Good luck all!

  36. Me again… I copied this page and sent it to so hopefully it will help us to get more shows in both BC and the Atlantic Provinces.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

  37. What about Saint John we all talk about this show at work and was looking forward to a show.
    We are part of Canada also who put are time in voting for the top dancers. We also deserve a show.

  38. Sorry to hear the tour will not be coming to Halifax I love the show and watch every Wednesday & Thursday and again on Sunday .I thought the tour would come to Halifax disappointed that it isn’t .

  39. I LOVE THIS SHOW! but i cannot believe your not coming here to halifax! its ridiculous not A show, and you go do several shows in bigger provinces like ontario and alberta. we even had auditions here! ally tryed out here, and you wont let us get to see the top 10 when we have supported these dancers just as much as anyone else.

  40. aww, man. they’re only going to 15 cities in canada. thats no fair. :( they should go to like 50 cities in canada. :)

  41. so you think the east coast is not a part of canada. iwill let you know we are the biggest fans of this show but canada snubbed us again .no big suprise

  42. i have always wanted to live out east, but then there are ignorant companies and bands that never travel out east..WHY? so rude.

    in any matter, i guess this is the one good thing about living in saskatchewan! YAY im so excited!

  43. Saw the top 10 dancers last night in Kelowna and it was awesome! “Kelowna is a Small Market” Wow, where have you been. We are getting the big stars that are in Vegas and everything. We aren’t “SMALL” anymore and haven’t been for a long time! Get over yourself. Ya ya the tour isn’t coming east but I’m sure you’ll still watch the next season and enjoy it just as much!

  44. The Kelowna show was amazing. The dancers are even better than on tv after having the extra time to learn the routines. I think Izaak really improved and definitely deserved his top 10 placement. I liked the way they treated every dancer as a star and did not focus on Nico (even though I’m sure every woman in the audience was focused on Nico). Arrasay was soooo cute.

  45. like what the H? Where’s halifax in that line up. I mean seriously 6 or 7 ontario cities and not even one Atlantic date? That’s hurtful!!

  46. For those that have seen the show, how long was it. Does it start right on time? I’ve got tickets for the TO show this week, but I am going to be late.

  47. Re: Lolly
    I went to the show on Saturday, it was absolutely amazing. It was supposed to start at 7:30 but ours didn’t get going until almost eight, there was an intermission at about quarter to nine and it ended just before ten..I think. I was not really paying attention to the time..but it was AMAZING!!! well worth seeing

  48. I saw the show last night at the Sudbury Arena and it was fantastic. They had the fans on their feet at the end and they really know how to put on a show. Great job by all the top 10 dancers!

  49. Don’t feel so bad atlantic canadians. I had tickets for a show and it was cancelled although the show in Winnipeg was just post-poned. So I feel gyped here. And I haven’t heard of any news of them coming back here to do a show. Pissed off I am.

  50. I am tired of Atlantic Canada being snubbed by major performances, First
    Celin Dion won’t go to Halifax because they didn’t have a large enough place for her and now So You Think You Can Dance won’t go the Atlantic Provinces. They want people from Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI to watch and vote but because they wont get enough money the won’t go. I think the Atlantic Provinces should not watch the show anymore. They don’s care so why should you help increase the shows rating. The show claims to promote dance in Canada but then only caters to the major populated areas, what they are really promoting is them selves and the money they can take-in. If they cared about Dance in Canada they would promote the show in CANADA not just the places they can make more money. They forget about the money they get from the show due to high rating which include the Atlantic Provinces.

  51. Wow, Ontario, Ontario, Ontario…I guess NB and NS are not important enough to be added in the tour dates. There are a lot of disapointed persons in the maritimes…We too are a part of Canada. We all are devoted watcher’s of So U Think U Can Dance Canada just like in Ontario. From a Very Very disapointed viewer. All I can say is I love the show but am not garanty’d to watch it next season if that’s how you guys feel. I’m sure I spoke for a lot of people from the Maritimes here.

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