Wild Roses to premiere Jan. 6 on CBC

From a media release:


  • “What’s in a name? That which we call [oil] by any other name would smell as sweet.” – Romeo & Juliet, William Shakespeare

Enter the dramatic world of WILD ROSES, where the land is vast, the living is good and the search for black gold means everything. Debuting Tuesday, Jan. 6, at 9 p.m. on CBC Television, this one-hour, provocative 13-part series sees the battle for a coveted piece of land in Alberta unfold between the wealthy McGregors and the debt-ridden Henrys.

“WILD ROSES is a powerful look at the clash between two very different families in Canada’s current economic hotspot,” said Kirstine Layfield, CBC Television’s executive director of network programming. “Viewers will be captivated by the ambitious lifestyle of an emerging nouveau riche and the simple, traditional cowboy living in Canada’s new west.”

Growing up on the idyllic Rivercross ranch, sisters Lucy (Sarah Power, Random Passage, American Pie: Beta House) and Kate Henry (Michelle Harrison, Paycheck, Traveling) may not have agreed on everything, but neither could imagine a more beautiful place to live. When David McGregor (Gary Hudson, Dynasty, Smallville), cutthroat CEO of oil exploration company McGregor Strategic, decides Rivercross is his for the taking, Lucy and Kate will have to overcome a fierce family feud and an entire corporate empire just to keep their home.

WILD ROSES also stars Kim Huffman as widow Maggie Henry (Traders, The Newsroom) and Gemini-nominee Clare Stone (Would Be Kings, Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion) as adopted Aboriginal daughter Charlotte Henry. Steve Byers (Falcon Beach, Shotgun Love Dolls) stars as responsible lawyer and voice of reason Will McGregor; Adam MacDonald (Mayerthorpe, Nuremburg) is his rowdy brother Peter McGregor, a rancher and bull rider; and Amy Lalonde (Sophie, Dawn of the Dead) is Rebecca McGregor, their cunning and stunning sister.

WILD ROSES is created by Amy Cameron, Tassie Cameron and Miranda de Pencier. Executive producers are Miranda de Pencier of Northwood Productions, Tom Cox and Jordy Randall of SEVEN24 Films and Peter Hume. Amy Cameron is also co-executive producer and writer, and writers are Peter Hume, Matt MacLennan, James Thorpe and Graham Clegg.


19 thoughts on “Wild Roses to premiere Jan. 6 on CBC”

  1. I am interested in the character of “Trevor” can you tell me a little bit about him? Thanks!

  2. Love the show. Watched all 13 episodes, even PVR’d them while I was away in Florida for a month. Please bring the show back next season. Fabulous show!!!!!!!

  3. Will there be another season??? I miss the show already! Whta a cliff hanger the last show was!

  4. What a great show! Please make sure it comes back in the fall – one of the most interesting in a long time!

  5. why?? it was SUCH a great show! I thought for sure it would have enough viewers for them to continue it! I was REALLY looking forward to continue watching!!

  6. I loved the show….couldn’t wait to see it every week. Will be come on again???? I’m hoping so with a cliffhanger like that…it must be!

  7. It has been cancelled, while there has been no official announcement, I know that for a fact. As for the reasons, I don’t know…

  8. I love the show…… can’t wait each week for a new episode…. Please, Please bring it back!!

  9. C’mon, how could you cancel that show? It rivals any of the good shows from south of the border, is actually in Calgary and surrounding area and is not pretending to be somewhere else. We looked forward to it every week. Great story line and it always left us wanting more every week.
    C’mon, you are onto something good here. Just like that, you dropped everyone, the great actors, the writers, all involved personnel and don’t forget…the viewers. Don’t you get it??? Bring back Wild Roses!!

  10. Don’t take this show off air it is awesome about time CBC had a good series so don’t stop it

  11. CBC is stupid if it doesn’t bring this show back. what where they thinking….everyone I know watched this show. Loved it.

  12. WOW.
    I was looking forward to the next season.
    The last episode ended with a big bang (literaly)!
    For once they have a good show on (sometimes rare on CBC), and they ruin it. Seriously…
    How stupid can they be?

  13. This show is gone while little mosque on the prairie continues?
    Who made that dumb decision??
    Where are the heads at CBC??

    This show was the only reason to turn the TV on all week.
    Bring it back.

  14. I still cannot believe that Wld Roses was cancelled. I used to put everything on hold while I watched the show and I looked forward to watching it each week. It was a welcomed escape – and I love that it was a Canadian show. I do not have a lot of time to watch tv but I made time for it. I miss the show and I hope that it may come back. Call it wishful thinking.

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