In the news: Geminis tonight

From Alex Strachan of Canwest News Service:

  • Adding insult to artistic injury, networks take a pass on Geminis
    “Tonight offers a rare occasion to sing the praises of our nation’s culture. Canadian-born actor-turned-director Jason Priestley hosts the 23rd Annual Gemini Awards, TV’s answer to the Genies. This year, there were some 96 categories in all — but don’t worry, only 14 are being presented today.” Read more.

From Brian Gorman of Zap2It:

  • Canadian TV awards a modest affair
    “Canada’s Gemini Awards for the television industry have never been what you might call a high-profile event for the general public. This year, the people behind them are trying a new broadcast strategy, which you could call the preaching-to-the-converted approach.” Read more.
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