Rabbit Fall finale tonight

From Angel Entertainment:

Tune in for the season finale of Rabbit Fall

Tuesday December 16
APTN 10:30pm ET
(Please consult your local guide for exact show time in your area)

Episode: Bloodletting Part 2

When evidence of Bob’s plot against her is destroyed, Tara knows she has many powerful enemies in Rabbit Fall. Can she trust her supernatural gifts to save her as the battle between the present and past escalates in this explosive season finale.

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Season Two airs again on APTN starting December 23, 2008 at 10pm ET.

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  1. On the season finale ( aired Dec 16 ) could you let me know who was the music at the end of the show…and is it avaiable to the public

  2. Marie, that was Leonard Cohen singing “In My Secret Life”. Available in record stores everywhere.

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