In the news: The Border season finale

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • The Border’s a crock
    “The Border (CBC, 9 p.m.) ends its season tonight. The ICS team discovers that toxic sludge is being trucked across the border and dumped in the Canadian wilderness. They follow a trail to a vicious turf war between rival Italian gangs.” Read more.


5 thoughts on “In the news: The Border season finale”

  1. “The Border” is a phenomenal show — Canadian or not — and tonight’s finale was both frustrating and intense (but in a good way).

    I’d be interested to hear what John Doyle considers “good television”. I watched 40 shows regularly in 2008 (6 of them Canadian!) and I bet his list and mine barely cross. Many of the shows I watch are both successfully AND critically-acclaimed. “The Border” can’t be THAT bad for me to love it, can it?

  2. I agree with Linda. What a way to end the season. When does it start up again – I dont want to miss.

  3. Very good season ending…classic scene at the job table…$250,000? And Mike’s face was perfect in the climactic shootout scene. It’s a very good show. The takedown scene was also outstanding.

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