In the news: Beyond TV

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail. It’s not about Canadian TV, but it’s a post I want at the top of the page for Christmas:

  • Turn off the tube and contemplate the plight of others
    “If your biggest beef in life is the changes to CBC Radio or the cancellation of your favourite TV show or what you think is lowbrow entertainment being made with your tax dollars, get over it for a while. You think you have issues with the world? You think you have a grievance? At some point over the next few days, leave the comfort of your home and the TV and take a walk outside. Not to look at nature, but to contemplate the lives of others. To consider your own place in this society of ours. After all, if you watch those favourite holiday movies tonight, you’ll know that’s what they’re really about.” Read more.

Happy holidays from TV, eh?