In production: X-Weighted season 4

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  • Gemini-award-winning series begins production on a fourth season with a focus on families getting fit

Thirteen families have begun their battle against the bulge in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver as the fourth season of the hit Slice documentary series X-Weighted gets underway.

Production began in December on X-Weighted: Families and cameras roll through to early May, capturing the toil and temptations as family members work together — and sometimes against each other — on their weight-loss journey.

“With the alarming increase in childhood obesity in Canada, the X-Weighted team decided it is important to tackle weight loss as a family issue this season,” says executive producer Margaret Mardirossian of Anaïd Productions. “There is a lot to learn from delving into the lives of everyday people so we are very grateful to these families for opening their homes and lives to us and sharing their stories with our Canadian and international audiences.”

Each hour of this 13-part series will focus on a different family, chronicling their gut-wrenching failures and inspiring successes on the long and often frustrating road to a healthier lifestyle.

The families were chosen after an exhaustive search in Calgary, Edmonton and Greater Vancouver. They face vastly different health and lifestyle issues, but all share a common goal to get fit together as a family unit.

Among the stories we will follow:

  • A mom, who grew up poor, over-compensates by stocking the house with fattening snacks, while dad tells the family to “eat their money’s worth” during frequent trips to buffet restaurants. Meanwhile their 11-year-old daughter is gaining weight and quitting her physical activities.
  • A single mom resorts to cheap prepared foods to keep the finances in line. She is increasingly worried about her own diabetes, as well as the health of her 15-year-old daughter, who is packing on pounds and at high risk for developing the disease, herself.
  • A family of committed church and community volunteers are so busy taking care of others they don’t take the time to look after themselves. Take-out and fast food has become a daily part of their hectic routine.
  • As a result of his parents’ busy work and social schedules, a 12-year-old boy comes home every day to an empty house and snacks on junk food instead of sitting down to a proper dinner. He is bullied at school for being fat and is suffering from joint pain at a young age.
  • An inspiring young woman with cerebral palsy and epilepsy wants to lead a more healthy and independent lifestyle. Her family takes up the challenge with her, including mom who has an enlarged heart due to weight gain. But first all the goodies in the house have to go!
  • A father, depressed and physically exhausted by his excess weight, watches his pre-teen daughter follow in his footsteps. Dad does all the cooking – mostly high fat, rich recipes – and wants to change his ways for the sake of his daughter and the entire family.

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