In the news: Wild Roses strangely familiar

From Maria Kubacki of Canwest News Service:

  • Wild Roses depicts Alberta as land of oil and seduction
    “There’s something strangely familiar about Wild Roses, the new 13-part series debuting on CBC Jan. 6. It’s set in the heart of oil and cattle country and features a wealthy family, headed by a greedy oil man who’s always scheming against a rival, debt-ridden family. There’s a great, big, over-the-top mansion and lots of hottie ranch hands. Everyone is busy screwing everyone — oh, and there’s plenty of sex, too.” Read more.
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One thought on “In the news: Wild Roses strangely familiar”

  1. I think Wild Roses is a hell of a lot like McLeod’s Daughters, a similar-themed television drama series from Australia. McLeod’s is about three sisters who, along with a couple other women, struggle to keep their sprawling cattle ranch afloat. The neighbouring family, the wealthy Ryans, is headed by a very villainous Harry Ryan, who wants the McLeod’s ranch for his own. However, Harry’s two sons, Nick and Alex, have a thing for the McLeod sisters, which certainly complicates things. However, it’s a little wilder than McLeod’s which had a more family-friendly (less sex) approach.

    I’m not complaining though. McLeod’s just ended a couple months ago after eight seasons, and I needed another show to take it’s place.

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