Upcoming series: In The Real World, YTV, Feb. 4


  • Series’ premiere Wed., Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on YTV
  • Eighteen kids from 13 Canadian cities compete in a race across North America
  • Canadian comedian Sabrina Jalees hosts

In one of Canada’s most ambitious reality series for kids to date, eighteen contestants – aged 12-14 – race across North America in a heart-pounding, skill-based competition that allows kids to clock into the real world for the first time. Hosted by Canadian comedian Sabrina Jalees, in each episode contestants must avoid elimination by competing in a series of thrilling job-related challenges in professions that range from NASCAR racers and Hollywood stunt people to ER doctors and alligator wranglers. It is a fierce race to the finish with only one challenger winning the ultimate prize: college tuition money and an all-expense paid family vacation to one of four amazing destinations. “In the Real World” (13 x 60′) airs Wednesdays at 7 p.m. ET/PT beginning Feb. 4 on YTV. A YTV original production, the series is produced by Montreal-based Apartment 11 Productions.

“Kids always hear ‘don’t touch’, but it’s experiencing life that makes kids grow,” says Jonathan Finkelstein, creator and executive producer. “When we first approached professionals about giving our kids tactical experiences, the typical response was that kids can’t do that. Our challengers prove – much to the amazement of several adults – that it’s simply not true.”

The 18 kids – who herald from 13 cities across Canada – are put to the ultimate test to discover the strength, stamina and skill it takes to make it in the real world. In each episode of “In the Real World”, challengers start a new race based on one of 13 specific professions. Within each race, challengers must complete a series of ‘jobs’ or tasks. Doing the job quickly helps, but doing it properly is more important. The object of each race is to cross the finish line as quickly as possible to avoid elimination. Host Sabrina Jalees gives the instructions for each race and eliminates challengers at the finish line. At the end of each race, the first team to arrive can choose between a Big Reward (a physical prize or exciting activity) or the Wrench (a strategic prize that lets the team thwart another team’s efforts in the next race). There is also a ‘Shield’ hidden on each racecourse. If presented by a last place team, it can save them from elimination.

The contestants come from thirteen different cities including Victoria, BC; Abbotsford, BC; Langley, BC and Salt Spring Island, BC; Winnipeg, MB; Mississauga, ON; Barrie, ON; Ottawa, ON; Toronto, ON; Woodbridge, ON; Beaver Dam, NB; Fort Ellis, NS; and Charlottetown, PEI.

* Episode 1: Auto Racing

Wed., Feb 4 at 7 p.m. ET/PT

Eighteen challengers – aged 12-14 – begin their real-world competition at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for a thrilling NASCAR experience. Here contenders must compete in a karting race, go garage-side to become NASCAR mechanics and turn into lightning-fast pit crew specialists before racing to the finish at 225 km/hour in a real NASCAR!

* Episode 2: Alligator Wranglers

Wed., Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. ET/PT

In the heart of the steamy Florida Everglades, challengers must wrangle one of the deadliest animals known to man – alligators! – at The Alligator Farm in Florida City. Starting easy with wee baby gators, the competition intensifies when each team must wrestle a 500-pounder. Things become ultra-extreme when teams must feed gross dead rats to a swamp full of the hungry reptiles or risk being eliminated.

At only 23, host Sabrina Jalees is a critically acclaimed stand-up comic, television host and keynote speaker. Early in her career, Sabrina broke Mike Meyer’s record for being the youngest artist hired by Second City. She was also the youngest stand-up comic to perform at Yuk Yuk’s. Sabrina’s previous TV credits include hosting CBC’s “Smart Ask” and “The Toronto Show”; acting as a writer/performer on Much Music’s “Video on Trail” and “Stars Gone Wild” and acting as a writer and on-air personality for SLICE’s “Plastic Makes Perfect”. Sabrina also hosts the CBC radio show “LOL – Laugh Out Loud”.

“In the Real World” episodes will be simulcast and catalogued on YTV.com for the series’ duration.


32 thoughts on “Upcoming series: In The Real World, YTV, Feb. 4”

  1. He Sabrina! My names Nate Renooy I am 12 years old andI love your show and I would really like to on it. If you ask am I up for it? Well you bet I want to be the next champion on ” In Real Life”. Sosend me an e-mail. I’m really hopping to on your show. :)

  2. Hey Sabrina! My name is Tessa McDonald I am in Grade Six and I am 11 years old (turning 12 in December). I watch your show every Wednesday and I am hoping…. well, I don’t really know who I want to win because I was going for Talon but then he started being aggresive and then Ruby-Rae I KNOW is going to rench Talon and the Madisson kicked but on the police car experience! So I keep watching your show and hoping for anyone to win! I am super smart. I love to act. I go to a Acting Class here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am in Nate Renooy’s class and we ALWAYS talk about your show! When I am 11 I am already saving up for University so I think this is a great challenge for me, my family and I don’t really go places to much because my dad is always working and Sabrina, I think you are so funny! You rock! And I think I am up for the challenge! So please send me and e-mail back because I am really hoping to be on the show,too XD

  3. Hey sabrina im a short kid but i am 11 years old turning 12 on june 20th anyway i love the show in real life and i would love to be on it i would be the next champion hopfully and i was cheering for talon and maddi that sucks that maddi got sick she was just 1 hit away from victory and can i please be on the show sign me up or whatever can you email me back and tell me if i can be on the show if i cant be on it this time how about next season thanks alot email me back A.S.A.P.

  4. hey you know how it says jonthan says i forgot to put my last name my name is jonathan ollenbergerthanks again

  5. hey you know how it says jonthan says i forgot to put my last name my name is jonathan ollenberger thanks again

  6. My name is Jordynn Paxton, I’M FROM Ontario, and I’m 12 years old. I want to be on IN REAL LIFE because it is a life changing experience. No matter how far or not far I would get it would still change my life for the better because i’ll be learning about all of these jobs. I could have a shot at winning 4 years of college tuition and i would have the time of my life!!! I want to go to univercity but, it’s expensive and if I win and get in for free it would be awesome and even if I don’t win i’ll always have the experience and memories!!!

  7. Hey Sabrina, I would love to be on the show because I would be the perfect athelete because I never give and I always encourage my teammates. If you could pick me i’d be so happy because im 13 turning 14 July 12. So anyways it would mean a lot for me if you can choose me.

    Thank-you Sabrina

  8. Hey Sabrina, It would also be a great experience whether I get eliminated the first or if I win. Its not whether I win or lose its about having a great experience and making life long friends.This is follow up of my previos message.

    Thank-you again.

  9. Hey In Real Life

    My name is Rachael and I got a question. Can you be on the show if you are 14 turning 15 (late birthday), going to grade 10? if so i want to be on the show. I play volleyball competively and i have my bronze star. i think i would be a great contestant becasue i am competetive, supportive and i have a lot of determination. I also want to go on because of all the unique opportunities you get to experience. All the those different careers are amazing and i would like to experience each and everyone of them. But please answer my question for the very least. Love to hear from you

  10. Hey Sabrina!

    My name is Zoe Tremblay im 13 years old and im from kingston Ontario!
    I love your show *in real life*! My dream is to be able to be part of the show!
    I Love to Figure Skate(Just like Madisson H.), im a great soccer player, Moutain
    Biker, Windsurfer and i LOVE TRAVELING!
    Im up for a challenge!
    Im competitive, nice and friendly!
    Ever since “In real Life”, i couldnt stop watching!
    Please give me a Shout!

  11. Hey Sabrina!

    My name is Zoe Tremblay im 13 years old and im from kingston Ontario!
    I love your show *in real life*! My dream is to be able to be part of the show!
    I Love to Figure Skate(Just like Madisson H.), im a great soccer player, Moutain
    Biker, Windsurfer and i LOVE TRAVELING!
    Im up for a challenge!
    Im competitive, nice and friendly!
    Ever since “In real Life”, i couldnt stop watching!

    Please give me a Shout! I have what it takes!
    See ya!
    Zoe Tremblay

  12. Hey Sabrina. I loved this season of “In Real Life” My favourite person was Aaron because he is short, energetic and crazy just like i am. I want to be in your show sooo badly it is not even funny. The reason why i think i would be a great contestant are that im a gymnast and have the perservirence to keep going even in the harshest of times. I know i could rock the next season so please give me a shout. I know i can win. I just know it.

    Danny Maines, Langly B.C

  13. i hope you guys know Sabrina probably won’t see this and even if she does it’s not her choice! sorry!

  14. Hi Sabrina,
    I’m wanting to go into The Real Life Show sooooo badly but I’m not old enough yet. I will be 12 years old on January 2, 2011. I am almost the fastest runner in my school, I play hockey and I would love to visit any place in Canada. I am a confident person who perseveres to challenge myself to always do my personal best. I am a good team player! Hope you see this messege and keep me in mind for your show when I turn 12!
    Thank you,

  15. i am old enofe to join.
    so i went to our website and tried to but they said it was already full
    i really want to join

  16. hey sabrina,

    i wish i coud be on the show. it is mi dream.the show is so cool!
    i am competitive, sporti and i want to win.i am the most crazy person ever!

    jess ;)

  17. Hi Sabrina!
    How are you? I watch your show every Wednesday and my dream is to be a contestant on your show “IN REAL LIFE”. I am 12 years old turning 13 in November. I was just hoping that you would please let me be a contestant on your show “IN REAL LIFE” if there is another season of it. I really really really hope I could! I hope all is well with your life!
    Josie Bizicki :]

    P.S. Please write back to my email!

  18. Hey Sabrina

    How is it going?I absolutely love your show.I am 10 years old and Iam turning 11 on June 14th ,2010 live in Macklin, Saskatchewan to bad for Maddison,so close to winning.I watch In Real Life every time I get a chance to.I have been wanting to be on your show since the first time I watced it.
    Ilike many sports like football, soccer, hockey and golf. My DREAM is to be on your show. If I am to young maybe in a couple years or so. PLEASE email me when ever you get a chance.

  19. hi sabrina
    is there gonna be a season 2 my life is boring i want to be on the show
    i could change my life for good

  20. hey Sabrina! I am such a huuuuge fan of In Real Life! I have seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! It is my dream to be on this show! I am 12 years old turning 13, I live on a farm and raise animals, like Ruby Rae, and I am very competitive, and I always give it my all. I play sports and I live in Camrose Alberta. It would be my dream to be in the show! It’s my fav.! Anyway, please give me a shout, and hopefully we’ll meet in the sext season ! I know I have what it takes.

    Thank you

  21. Hey Sabrina i would die to be on your show its been my dream ever since i first watched it …..but i am only 11 years old but if you still can accept for me to be on the show or not i would wait.my birthday is on October 1. please please please i really want to be on it and the show is the only thing i mostly watch k bye Sabrina

  22. Hi sabrina my name is victoria i live in vancover and was wondering if i could go on real life i am very fit and i love challenges

  23. Hi Sabrina
    My name is Brandon fedrizzi i was just wondering on how to get on the show in real life i think i have hat it takes to do any of the challenges i am really athletic. I am 14 and i play rep soccer and i used to do karate swimming and basketball abd i was also athlete of the year at my school. So please just message me back.

    I am from Toronto Ontario.:)

  24. hi i HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF BEING ON THIS SHOW .JUST BECASUE OF THE EXPERINCES AND OF COURTE MEETING YOU!!!i AM 14 AND i amm soo very athletic I am in rep soccer and rep basketball.


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