9 thoughts on “Murdoch Mysteries season premiere March 4”

  1. I can’t believe what a quality series this is, and that it’s such a well-kept ‘secret’ at CITY-TV. We have absolutely NO reason to watch this station, other than to catch the Murdoch Mysteries. They should be promoting this gem bigtime.

  2. What a great program and so well done! I saw it last night for the first time and will definitely watch it each week. Keep the episodes coming.

  3. Please,which episode was shot at Parkwood Estates in Oshawa? I missed it last night, but get every dvd I can from the Mclaughlin library. Needless to say, the series is without a doubt my very favorite, and Murdoch and Logan just great chracters. I also truly get a kick out of Crabtree. He,s a pet.

  4. Will there be a season 5 of murdock mysteries i will admit i was dissapointed with season 4, because i was hoping dr ogden and murdock would have got married, i think a lot of people were hoping that, they were so suited for each other, but I really enjoyed the show and i hope there will be more of the greatest show and the origional murdock and the cast will be there also. thank you and I really hope there is a season 5

  5. Our whole family just loves Murdoch mysteries. We have watched the reruns over and over and are all looking forward to the Season 5 premiere. I am especially intrigued with the love attraction between Dr. Olivette and Murdoch but now that she is married????…….We shall see. 10 out of 10 on this one. Keep up the good work.

  6. I too love Murdoch mysteries. Where’s the Dr.? I thought she would be back this year. I thought Murdoch would get some courage this year with Dr Ogden :)
    I’m happy to hear that CBC has picked it up for season 6 2013. Go Murdoch GO…

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