Wednesday Ratings: Being Erica, The Week The Women Went


From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • Being Moved Didn’t Help Being Erica
    “Despite a massive promotional campaign, a new night didn’t add any bounce to Being Erica. The CBC fantasy/drama drew 531,000 last night, it’s smallest audience yet (according to BBM/NMR overnight estimates). Worse, only 194,000 of those viewers were in the 25-54-year-old demo.” Read more.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Ratings: Being Erica, The Week The Women Went”

  1. I love “Being Erica.” Finally an original show that late twenties/early thirties Canadian women can relate to. And it’s so cool catching glimpses of all these Toronto landmarks and street names during the show. Don’t take this off the air! Pretty please!! At least give it one more season before you pull the plug…

    Canadian Women (and Men), you’ve got to watch this show!!

  2. I know what’s wrong with this show! Seven episodes and no explosions, mangled bodies or dim figures clad in flak jackets waving state-of-the-art weaponry as they bust a drug operation. Come to think of it, I haven’t noticed any serial killers or sexual predators either. Little wonder the audience is falling like Autumn (Fall) leaves. This show boasts the 3 Wells…. Well written, Well acted and Well balanced. The fact that the majority of the male population is ignoring it is no surprise. God forbid we should watch anything approaching Chick Flick status with a few of life’s messages chucked in. I am father to two girls and we all love it.

    I’m with you, Kathleen but unfortunately ratings rule and we are only the audience.

  3. I love, love, LOVE Being Erica! =) I live in California and was going out of my mind waiting until the season finale played so that I could watch it online afterwards (we still have several episodes before it shows the season finale here on Soapnet). Now that I’ve seen them all, I’m of course watching them all over again, and wishing September comes around quickly so that all us viewers can enjoy Season 2!

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