In the news: Mississauga Mayor gets Mercered

From the Mississauga News:

  • Hazel gets the ‘Mercer’ treatment
    “Mayor Hazel McCallion has finally made it in the world of Canadian politics. Sure, she’s been named to the Order of Canada, was recognized as runner-up in the 2005 World Mayor contest, has run one of Canada’s largest cities for three decades and is beloved by the majority of her constituents. But you know you’ve really arrived on the Canadian political scene when Rick Mercer, of the Rick Mercer Report, interviews you.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: Mississauga Mayor gets Mercered”

  1. I’ve been observing/videotaping Mississauga Council since June 14, 2006 and researching it through Freedom of Information since February 2007.

    Here is the MISSISSAUGAWATCH video response to The Mercer Report called “”THE MERCER REPORT” on HAZEL MCCALLION (MISSISSAUGAWATCH Version:) “…your people” at:


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