Less Than Kind returns March 9

From a media release:

Less Than Kind
RETURNS Monday, March 9 at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT, 10pm MT)
For 15-year-old Sheldon Blecher (Jesse Camacho), life sucks. He’s overweight, with a self-destructive driving-instructor father (Maury Chaykin), a pyromaniac mother (Wendel Meldrum), and a failed-actor brother (Benjamin Arthur) who won’t get out of Sheldon’s room. The family business, Blecher’s Driving School, is on its way down the toilet and his family lives in Winnipeg! As Sheldon struggles to escape his family, and his family struggles to keep the business running, cars crash, hearts break, blood pressure boils, and corned beef is eaten.


9 thoughts on “Less Than Kind returns March 9”

  1. Brilliantly written, perfectly casted show! Had to hear about it from relative in Ottawa!! Needs more local Winnipeg publicity!

  2. great canadian show. we were looking for a new one since corner gas is gone and this show is great!! Can’t wait for the next season

  3. We love this show!!!!!! I got my sister and brother in law hooked now too. Cant wait till next season! Its so awsome!

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