Stormworld premieres March 18

From a media release:

SPACE Beats the Winter Blahs in A World With Three Suns in New Original Series STORMWORLD, March 18

  • Introductory special STORMWORLD: BEHIND THE SCENES premieres March 11

Two friends get sucked into a swirling vortex after a nautical joyride goes awry in SPACE’s new original series STORMWORLD. The 26-part Canadian/Australian co-production premieres Wednesday, March 18 at 10 p.m. ET, exclusively on SPACE. Each episode of the half-hour, sci-fi adventure series is available on demand at immediately following its television premiere. STORMWORLD is another example of SPACE’s ongoing commitment to original Canadian production.

Canadian actors Andrew Jenkins (ALIENS IN AMERICA) and Calum Worthy (PSYCH) are Jason and Lee, two buddies living normal lives in Vancouver. When Jason’s dad gets a new boat, the boys decide to take it for a joyride and get caught in a swirling vortex that brings them to Stormworld. This new world is a parallel universe with three suns, mind-distorting storms, and wild coastlines, surrounded by a hostile environment where drinkable water is precious and food is limited.

The boys are rescued by Flees (Valentina Barron, STREETSMARTZ) and her pedantic companion, Ogee. Flees has one of the few serviceable watercrafts on Stormworld and grudgingly volunteers to take the new visitors to a small community trying to create civilization and order against the forces of nature and scavengers. One thing is constant for Jason, Lee, and almost everyone on Stormworld: the search for the way home.

SPACE provides a little calm before the storm with the 30-minute introductory special STORMWORLD: BEHIND THE SCENES, airing Wednesday, March 11 at 10 p.m. ET. The special takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series and features Vancouver-based special effects company Artifex Studios, responsible for some of the CGI work in STORMWORLD.

STORMWORLD was shot on location in Vancouver, Western Australia and Singapore, and is produced by Brightlight Pictures and Perth Australia’s Great Western Entertainment for SPACE in Canada and 9 Network in Australia. Fraser Robinson is Director of Content for SPACE and Rebecca DiPasquale is Manager of Development for SPACE.


6 thoughts on “Stormworld premieres March 18”

  1. Jealous much??!! Maybe she is actually a talented actress…how about giving her a chance before putting that stigma onto her…just a thought. No need for the bitchiness!! Judge her by her work..not who her father is.

  2. YES YES YES Thankyou for your opinion Ally! My name is Karli-Rae Grogan and I am an experienced actor from Perth. I also happen to be one of Valentina’s bestfriends. We met when we filmed the TV series WORMWOOD.

    Louise… let me enlighten you on the casting process. A CASTING DIRECTOR chooses a few appropriate girls/boys for the appropriate roles. Then the producer gives the go ahead. In Valentina’s case if the casting director has chosen her then the DIRECTORS give the go ahead. From here the tapes are sent to the INVESTORS and NETWORKS who choose the final character from a pool of approximately 3 possibilites.

    Valentinas name is excluded from the tape and so are everyone elses to avoid biast opinions. She is a fine, talented and respected actor. It is completely unnecessary to make such opinions before researching about the casting process!

  3. I’ve only seen a few episodes of Stormworld, but I thought Valentina has done a wonderful job thusfar.

  4. Judge her by her work? Did you say work? Really? LOL I know very few stricken by “AWESOME” (a much overused word) will disagree, but almost anyone can become a legendary actor/actress. Outtakes and related bloopers prove beyond a doubt of this validity.

    Can you READ well? Then you can be an actor. Here’s your script. Here’s how we want you to say the words, don’t worry, we’ll work on facial expressions first so we can mix and match what we need to use. Then, Read the script, then speak your part. If you burst into hysterical laughter, along with the other legendary actor next to you… no problem, we’ll keep doing takes until we get ONE where everyone can hold a straight face.

    I’d go on, but the reality is too basic that if you don’t get what I’m saying here, there’s not much hope that you could be an actor. It’s also all about attitude. You don’t need special skill-sets, and you really don’t need any training.

    I’ve seen actors and actresses who practically came off the street, and become world famous. *shrug*

    It could be “work”, but it’s really more “fun” than “work”.


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