Interview: Eli Goree of Da Kink in My Hair, Soul

From me at Blogcritics:

  • Actor Eli Goree Conquers Canadian Television, Two Shows At A Time
    “Eli Goree might be the poster child for the cliché “when it rains, it pours.” He seems to be standing in a positive deluge right now. Currently starring in two television shows – Da Kink in My Hair on Global and Soul on Vision – he’s also filmed a guest role on Flashpoint and has his eye set on future feature projects.” Read more.
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One thought on “Interview: Eli Goree of Da Kink in My Hair, Soul”

  1. Eli Goree– OG— Original Goree— not OG but a solid off spring still,,dont forget whos who on the planet,,all the world is but a stage baby,,,,it is who you are when the curtain falls that you must master GRASSHOPPER ,,

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