Review: Project Runway Canada – the Post-It note episode

smallFrom Myles McNutt at Cultural Learnings:

  • Project Runway Canada Season 2 – “Episode Seven”
    “There is a point in this week’s episode where I was reminded about what makes Project Runway Canada a really interesting counterpoint to its American predecessor. In the critiques for the challenge, which involves making dresses out of post-it notes for breast cancer survivors, Shawn Hewson stands up for one of the dresses which is labeled as a costume. He throws his hands up in the air as the other judges start throwing around the term as some sort of slight, and points out that they’re asking designers to make a dress out of post-it notes, and that there is a necessary elements of costuming entering into this challenge. They were given a cheesy word of inspiration, a primary material which comes in loud and obnoxious colours…could they really be surprised to get costumes?” Read more.

Photo: Shawn Hewson, Judge

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