The Best Years season 2 premieres April 21

From a media release:

  • Premieres Tuesday, April 21 – 10pm ET/PT on Global

image002In season 1, The Best Years introduced foster kid SAMANTHA BEST (Charity Shea) as she jumped into her first year at Charles University, and dealt with all the challenges of finding her feet, making friends, falling in love and breaking up, and discovering a family she never knew she had. Along the way, we met her best friends KATHRYN KLARNER (Jennifer Miller) and NOAH JENSEN (Randal Edwards) and other great characters who rounded out the ensemble and kept Sam afloat through her tumultuous freshman year. The season ended as Sam drove off to LA for her winter break, excited about the prospect of adventure.

Season 2 starts nine months later, as Sam returns to CU after an unexpected detour to South America that ended with a broken heart in Panama. But we see right away that Sam’s experiences have changed her: she’s feistier, wiser, and more than anything determined to have fun. And the tone of Season 2 changes along with her: wilder, sexier and funnier than anything we’ve seen before.

Noah and Kathryn are still there, but they too have changed, and so Sam gets a second chance to do college right as she meets new characters, including DEL HODGES (Michael Xavier), a funny, arrogant rich kid who fancies himself a ladies’ man but has a lot of surprises underneath; ROBYN CRAWFORD (Mishael Morgan), a driven and slightly neurotic pre-med who’s also Noah’s new girlfriend; POPPI BANSAL (Nadiya Chettiar), Sam’s bizarre-but-brilliant RA, and not one but two new love interests for Sam; RICH POWELL (Tommy Lioutas), a charming and funny sustainability major who’s more at ease with saving the planet than committing to Sam, and JAKE LA SERRE (Corey Sevier), a dangerous-sexy bad boy with a wicked sense of humour.

The second season of The Best Years builds on the characters and relationships that Season 1 fans loved, but spins them in a fresh and funny way. With a lighter tone and more emphasis on relationships and the small moments that change our lives, Season 2 looks to be a fresh new face in Canadian television.


7 thoughts on “The Best Years season 2 premieres April 21”

  1. Only on Global I think. Sorry, media release didn’t even include date and time but I didn’t notice it didn’t include broadcaster – will edit to add.

  2. I should say the email subject line had all that info though. They weren’t as clueless as I made them sound!

  3. I have been looking everywhere online to see when this show would return, and I’m looking forward to Season 2. I stumbled upon The Best Years quite accidentally at the start of its initial run on Global, and I have to admit, I was instantly hooked! I was also the only person I knew watching it, so I never had anyone to chat about it with.

    Oh, did anyone else cheer during Watchmen when Moth Man made his appearance? Took me a sec to realize it was Niall Matter, aka Trent Hamilton :)

  4. I graduated three years ago from university and if my university experience was like the Best Years I would have dropped out after my first year. College shouldn’t be dull and boring like this show was in season 1. Let’s hope this show disappears quickly.

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