Survivorman hosts Survive This starting April 7 on YTV

From a media release:

Eight kids, one Survivorman: Who will endure in YTV’s new adventure series, Survive This?

  • Survive This, hosted by real Survivorman Les Stroud, airs Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m., beginning April 7

Corus Entertainment’s YTV presents the real Survivorman, Les Stroud, as he mentors eight teens on how to survive the wilderness in YTV’s new original series Survive This. Leaving civilization behind to face the challenges of finding food, shelter and safety, each teen puts their resourcefulness, skills and character to the test to see if they have what it takes to survive the great outdoors. Produced by 9 Story Entertainment in association with YTV, Survive This premieres Tuesday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT.

“Bringing more than two decades of wilderness experience to the series, Les acts as a mentor and judge to eight teens embarking on a tough wilderness adventure that ultimately encourages them to challenge themselves and test their capabilities,” said Jocelyn Hamilton, Vice President, Programming and Production, Corus Kids. “With some teens more equipped than others to handle the obstacles, the series makes for compelling television. It’s impossible not to get drawn in, to find out which of these teens has what it takes to make it all the way to the final one-hour episode.”

Chosen for their unique personalities and readiness for adventure, the participants, all between the ages of 14 and 17, are tested physically, emotionally and intellectually throughout each half-hour episode of this 13-part series. Leaving all the amenities of home behind, including cell phones and IPods, the teens are tested with rigorous challenges, including: building a shelter; finding food and water; starting a fire; signalling for rescue; coping with hypothermia; and treating an injury. The teen who is willing to learn and grow under the most difficult situations will make it through to the show’s one-hour finale episode, as the rest can choose to drop out, one by one.

The group of teens that have signed up for this adventure includes 16 year-old Jennifer, a.k.a. The Hunter, known amongst the group for her outdoor experience; Becca, a 17 year-old who gives new meaning to the word princess; the artistic 17 year-old Becky a.k.a. BT; 17 year-old tough girl Catarina; competitive Kareem at 16-years old; 16 year-old city slicker Holden; 15-year old Adam who is terrified of bugs and venomous snakes; and lastly the youngest of the group at 14 years-old, over-achiever Zac.

In the first episode ‘Impact’, premiering Tuesday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT, eight eager teens, fresh out of Survival School, are thrust into their first survival challenge: an extreme crash situation in the deep woods. Les gives the group five minutes to gather what they can from the crash site to use for camp. How they handle the situation will be up to them. However, the group must overcome the initial shock of being stranded and realize that, in order to be successful, teamwork is everything.

Viewers can use YTV’s online video player at to catch clips of the show as well as view full episodes after their broadcast premiere.


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  1. I can’t wait for this show to air! I have known one of the teens for a few years and I can’t wait to see how he/she is portrayed. From the information above its going to be very intresting…

  2. i just saw a commercial for this.
    it sounds so sweet.
    i wanna audition next season. :P

  3. ok i am 11 and i can’t go on this show but i have been in the woods since i was 3 and i know ever thing why can’t you lit me???? thanks

  4. whens the audition for the next season!!!
    i’ve bean in air cadets and they showed us how to survive out doors.
    i need to get on this show!!!

  5. whens the audition for the next season!!!
    i’ve bean in air cadets and they showed us how to survive out doors.
    i sooo badly wont to go on this show
    it sounds AWSOME!

  6. I love survivorman we watch it almost everday. I’m 16 and would like to audition for next season how would I do that . This is going to be a great show.

  7. I have been waiting for the show to air forever but, I am in the US. Will it air here? If so, when and what channel?

  8. Rachel Brestansky, what sqadron? I’m an LAC with 188 Cobra in Toronto, Ontario.

  9. Giver Giver Blind River!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOOOOOOOOOO Go Jennifer Daubs!!
    Good Luck Kiddo

  10. okay how do you audition for this show! i love it!! i want to be on it!! :O

  11. I SOOOOO WANNA JOIN only 11 why cant i join i basically live in the woods. i didnt know about the show till it was to late.

  12. the show sounds pretty cool, when will poeple know if there is a second season, and how to sign up?

  13. I am an EMS MedVent – (Medical Venturer Scout). We take wilderness first aid and Wilderness emergency first responder and survival courses. Our members would kick-ass on this show.

  14. I can’t believe Les would lower his intregrity (expectations and main audience) and become a Kids Show……guess Les doesn’t want to stay on “main” tv listings and just become a thing of the past! Oh well we did enjoy watching the Survivorman while “he” lasted! Thanks for the memories

  15. please stay on tv next year i really want to show my skills to the world.
    i also like the show its cool.i have a question,is this canadian anwser me @

  16. also i have owned aces of forest sence i was 5 i went in it almost every
    day. i am ready 4 any chalenge im given

  17. Ughhhh?..I Just Finished Watching The Show. I’ts Pretty Interresting:D
    But Yeah, Whens The Next Audittion?..They’d Need Someone Like Me In The Show, Im Really Funny.Atheletic And People Give Me Lectures To Be An Actor…But No!..So Yeah. Keep The Show Going! =]

  18. im ten and i think i could do this one time i cut my leg open and ran 2 km to my dads farm

  19. ok im 12 is there a kids vesion i want on!!!
    ive always wanted to go into the wildeness by myself and film what i do!

  20. How do you sign up for it? I am 14 and have lived on a ranch my whole life, so I know what it takes to live out in the wild. If you have any info please e-mail me at

  21. ha ha, the show sounds great, but im going to wait till it comes out in the usa on the 22nd so its in higher quality, and ya, like other people are saying, how would you get into the second season (i bet there will be one) im 14 and live in las vegas, yay a city. and would you have to be a resident of canada to be on the show? please e-mail me at

  22. I don’t know too much about the outdoors but it wud b fun!!! i was in the army but i’m a girly girl.. i wud bring laughter to this show and im definitely a drama queen. let me knw when to audition. im 19.

  23. I would love to be on this show. I’m fourteen and I need to do something like this to help me with skating!!

  24. I know like evryone asks this but Is there going to be a next season and how do you audition!

  25. Sounds really great. ive always wanted to do something like this. im 16 and totally think i should be on this show. im strong, atheletic, and eager for challenges. if theres a season 2 i willing to be apart.

  26. if you need anyone for another season just let me know. im 16 and love the outdoors. just send me an email at and tell me when and where!

  27. dude this show is awsome i would rock at it. i have seen every episode of survivor man at least 3 times.i have the phisical ability to do it and the mental ability i am mostly a loner so the other people wouldn’t be a problem i’d help them but not make freinds, it would be easyer to see them go. i am 15 so if there is any info on season 2 please send me info at

  28. Okay i know this is wierd, but when i herd about this show i almost died!! i wondered how i DID NOT HEAR OF THIS… and told my mom that if she found out how to get me on that show i would never ask for anything ever again!

  29. so i found out about this show and now am hoping and praying they do a second season cause i have never wanted to do anything this much in my life

  30. This show is kind of funny! I don’t watch it that much, i’ve seen better shows.

    Oh hey and that naomi person who said your brother is on the show, who is he?

  31. Omgsh this is so cool!! I would love to be on this show!! I love the outdoors. I used to travel with my brothers boyscouts and I did girlscouts for 9 years!! I would love to audition so if anyone has any info my eamil is


  32. This show is soooo cool i would die if i could not be in this show!!! I’ve always dreamed of being out in the wilderness and having to survive. I have watched every episode of survivorman like 8 times. I live in Utah and I am 14. Everyone tells me i have a great mind and can keep calm in every situation, I have a great sense of humor and i can make friends with anyone i would be a great addition to this show! Like all the other people i want to know if theres going to be a second season, how to audition, and everything else that has to do with this show e-mail me at

  33. Crap, never thought id see jennifer daub on tv! so much for just stayin’ local, and entertaining everyone at the daub reunions eh? have fun and give ‘er shit!

  34. i love survivorman soooo much it would be freaken awesome to be on his new show i am a big fan, and i love the outdoors.

  35. Survive this looks interesting, and it would be nice to have a chance to audition for the show. I’m sixteen have never done boy scouts , but have done sports my whole life. Currently I spend my school year running cross country, wrestling, and track. I’m not that good at cross country or track, but it keeps me in shape. I’m decent at wrestling and love the sport. Though basically I would love the chance to test myself in the wild, so e-mail me back to tell me how to audition.

  36. You don’t. The show has already been filmed and no other seasons are currently in the works.

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