In the news: Family Biz on YTV

From Catherine Dawson March of the Globe and Mail:

  • Highlight: Family Biz
    “In this new Canadian sitcom aimed at older tweens, the social life of Eli, 16, and 15-year-old sister Avalon (Ephraim Ellis of Falcon Beach and Degrassi: The Next Generation and newcomer Kate Corbett) hits the skids when Dad’s presence puts an end to their blow-out parties.” Read more.
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4 thoughts on “In the news: Family Biz on YTV”

  1. this show sucks….another embaressing canadian show…all the characters are un-realistic except the youngest girl…she’s okay

  2. You are 100% right. Family Biz is awful. Writing, casting, acting, all bad.
    Teen characters look too old and do way too much eye rolling and exagerated facial expression.

  3. Yeap. Avalon is a nutcase and Eli is an over-stereotypical geek. Every aspect of it is unrealistic and it’s just generally a very un-amusing show.

  4. i understand that you’re supposed to over-act for childrens shows but this over-acting was absolutely brutal!!! yes i agree wayyyyy too much eye rolling and over-exagerated facial expression, this $10 million series turned out to be an epic fail, what a waste of money! and who wrote this, I bet you if you gave my ass a pen and paper it would come up with a better series haha

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